Take It From These 7 Modern Farmhouse Exteriors: The Trend Is Evolving

Black and green take center stage.
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black house
Photography by Diana Paulson

If you type “modern farmhouse” into Google Images, you’ll be greeted by a sea of white (or off-white) facades with horizontal siding, black window frames, and pitched rooflines. With the exception of a shot of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s wood-clad living room, the pictures are nearly identical. The modern farmhouse exterior, in particular, has evolved very little over the past 10 years, even though it is in high demand according to a recent study by Hovia, which analyzed Google Trends data across the U.S. and found that it reigns supreme in 32 states. But a recent look through Domino home tours and our personal saved folders had us noticing a subtle shift. Cool shades of green and charcoal are replacing neutrals, unconventional window silhouettes are joining the mix, and the front porch is becoming even more prominent. Here are seven fresh modern farmhouse exteriors that don’t look like all the other new builds on the block. 

The Light-Filled Lakeside Farmhouse

black farm house
Photo Courtesy of Paul Bates Architects

Alabama-based architect Paul Bates has a not-so-secret love for round windows—he uses them on almost all of his projects, including his own home on Lake Martin. The all-black paneling brings some much needed edge to the traditional facade, but it’s this simple window choice that really amps things up. Just like his green Dutch door, this front-facing one is fully operable to allow fresh air to flow through the house. 

The Verdant Farmhouse

dark green farmhouse
Photography by Diana Paulson/Linea Photo; Design by KLH Custom Homes

The perk of cement board siding: It can be painted (and repainted) easily. That’s what ultimately inspired Michigan-based design and build company KLH Custom Homes to go with it here, although we don’t suspect the owners will be switching up the rich green hueSherwin-Williams’s Jasper—anytime soon. 

The Mix-and-Match Farmhouse

wood fence around front of house
Photography by Lucy Call

Studio McGee cofounder Shea McGee’s favorite part about this ground-up project in Arizona? The dark bronze dormer windows and corrugated metal roof—two touches that help balance out the sea of white painted brick while accentuating the front porch and garden. 

The Timeworn Farmhouse

cedar and black facade
Photography by C.W. Newell

The exterior of Alice Callahan Thompson’s Birmingham, Alabama, home is a combo of charcoal-stained horizontal siding and vertical aged cedar planks—a reminder that old or salvaged wood isn’t just for fireplace mantels.

The Connected Farmhouse

Come rain or snow, the family living in this Ada, Michigan, home can still easily get to their separate guesthouse via a covered breezeway, which is painted the same inky hue as the rest of the building: Sherwin-Williams’s Caviar.

The Kid-Centric Farmhouse

child swinging from tree
Photography by Molly Rose

According to a recent study conducted by Trees.com, nearly 74 percent of real-estate agents claim they’ve witnessed a buyer refuse to enter a house due to poor outdoor aesthetics. In other words: Your front yard should be as pleasant and livable as possible, especially if you’re looking to sell. Take it from this home designed by Valerie Saunders of Serendipite Designs: A wood-paneled walkway and tree swing will make visitors—young and old—want to stay a while. 

The Sleek Barn Farmhouse

black barn style house
Photography by Diana Paulson

Another KLH Custom Homes project took the bones of a traditional barn and streamlined them with a tucked-away covered porch and unique window scheme. The extra-long, two-part ones looking into the kitchen aren’t just for show: The smaller segments closer to the ground can be opened to let air inside.