This $17 Face Mask Lasts Forever (and Kills Zits)

It's cheap, and it eradicates blemishes? Sold!

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A face mask is a face mask is a face mask—until one stands out from the other. And this Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Mask Bar + Brush ($16.99) is exactly that: a standout product, for many reasons.

First, the convenience of the mask. You’ll dampen the charcoal-infused (and very soft!) brush, and swirl it around the charcoal and tomato-based bar (yeah, a mask in a bar form is brilliant). Then you’ll gently apply a light layer to your face. No need to layer it up, a thin application will get to work pulling out impurities and gunk.

Some commenters online have praised it for its “deep down, pore-cleansing clean.” (Sold/need/want!) After about 10 minutes, you’ll take a damp, warm washcloth and wipe the mask off, which—praise be—will easily wash off. (You know those certain masks that you have to struggle to remove? Standing at the sink for minutes while you try to wash it all away? Nope, not this one, it’ll slide right off.) And left in its place is glowy, deeply cleansed skin.

And a face mask, in a bar form, cannot be underestimated for its convenience. Traveling? Bring this baby along, it’s TSA-approved. Plus it never dries out, and because you’re just using a small amount with each application, it’ll literally last forever (okay, maybe not literally forever, but at least many years). So that $17 price tag pretty much breaks down to pennies with each application.

But the effectiveness of the product speaks for itself. It’s a go-to mask for one of our editors’ on a weekly basis, but especially when a zit or two comes popping up. She swirls it on, lets it dry for 10 minutes, and wipes off. And in the a.m., she swears those zits that were threatening to stay, are suddenly gone, girl.

As with any new product, test it out to see how your skin reacts and determine how often you need to use it. For those with more oily and blemish-prone skin, twice a week or so is probably great; sensitive or combination skin can probably stick to once a week, or even less than that.

Not in the mood for a brush and bar method, but still want detoxified skin and some 1:1 charcoal time? Try out a charcoal sheet mask, which is pretty rad and mess-free, too. Say Yes has a beloved version, and so does Karuna, which is crazy effective with charcoal and hyaluronic acid for hydration. Or try out a charcoal face wash bar: Herbivore has a great one (at a great price) for a daily deep cleanse.

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