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by Lauren Finney

Cane lighting, woven lighting, rattan or basket – whatever you call it, you can’t deny that it’s trending, and not just used for coastal living. Check out the most modern ways to light up a room.

The most classic of all casual scenarios, this one (courtesy of George Clooney’s Mexican hideaway), proves that outdoors is still one of the best places to make a statement with woven fiber lighting.

Technologies in shaping and design have helped create interesting shapes like this one, that is one of several understated focal points in this danish modern-inspired room.

If you’re looking for something to crank up the style in your kitchen, basket woven pendant lights like this hint at a casual yet classic look.

A subtle theme is carried throughout this dining room; the woven fixture plays off the woven lampshade, and they’re both complemented by a bright, sunny tile floor.

How’s this for quirky and unusual – take natural fibered lighting into the bathroom for a surprisingly earthy touch.

This iteration on a balcony conjures up dreams of slow sunsets and good novels, with the unfinished ends playing nicely off the straight lines of the sofa.

This woven circle pendant above the bed brings the ceiling down for more intimacy, as well as provides ambient lighting for reading in bed.

This Scandinavian hotel lobby brings the best of the outdoors in – woven pendants, a reclaimed wood table and clay pottery speak to the clean lines of Scandinavian design and the power of what a few key, simple pieces can do for a room.

The open weave of this pendant light helps bring some whimsy to a clean-lined, Cali-cool kitchen.

Oversized, open weave rattan lighting like this helps anchor a room without taking up too much space.

The unfinished ends of this iteration helps bring some personality to the room, as do the varying wood colors.

If there’s one perfect example of a modern, eclectic kitchen, this is it – the structured woven lighting hangs nicely with trendy gold fixtures, wide plank wood floors and Carera marble counters.

Woven lighting is a staple in a bohemian room like this one, and brings some depth to the whites and creams of this artfully collected space.

Even small spaces can support an open weave light fixture, thanks to its simultaneous large size and levity.

Even in a room filled with wood, these bleached, circular pendants manage to stand out, while carrying through a theme.

Even colored natural fibered lighting can feel light, such as these grey ones in a perfect

shabby chic living room


Go super loose and lovely in a natural, light stain like these – they add a hint of vintage to a mostly modern kitchen.

A cane pendant suspended from a vaulted, all-white ceiling helps not only bring the ceiling down, but also helps tie together the other natural elements in the room.

This room just oozes hipster cool, and the woven light fixture adds to to the attitude without being distracting in any way.

This might be the most innovative use of a woven light fixture ever – in a nursery! You can sub a lightbulb for a mobile inside the dome so there’s more functionality for you and baby.

Structured, simple and restrained, this light fixture exemplifies the discipline of Danish design.