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If you’re not a master chef (but maybe you want to be) finding the fun in food prep can seem like a feat fit only for a real culinary artist. But did you ever think it was your tools that were holding you back? Like anything, having the right equipment is key in the kitchen, and we recommend keeping your space stocked with high-quality essentials, from super sharp knives to a multipurpose blender. Whether you’re a fairly new food enthusiast or seasoned cooking pro, our favorite products from Wolf Gourmet will bring restaurant quality into your own home and help you create a perfectly prepped meal.

9 inch carving knife

, $209.95 A quality carving knife is key when you’re feeding big groups. This precision stainless steel knife fits comfortably in your hand via a smooth pakkawood handle that makes it suitable for carving a special-occasion steak or turkey, and everyday use.


7 inch boning knife

, $169.95 Precision forged from high carbon stainless steel with German craftsmanship, Wolf Gourmet’s boning knife has a long slim, super sharp blade, which is a must-have for prep work so you can expertly skin a fish or debone chicken thighs with minimal effort.


Four Slice Toaster

, $399.95 It’s time to say goodbye to the tricky process of fishing your toast out of a traditional pop up toaster. This one is specially designed to accommodate all your favorite carb-filled delights, from bread for avocado toast, to thickly cut artisan bread, and pretty much everything in between. Plus, the easy dials let you expertly control just how toasty you want you treats to be, so no more burnt bagels. We’re also a big fan of the warming feature that ensures your food never gets cold.


High Performance Blender

, $599.95 Throw in all your favorite ingredients into this one appliance to create healthy smoothies and soups or even a decadent milkshake with ease—and minimal cleanup! Our favorite part is that this blender can assist in your tedious prep work. Chopping, pureeing and grinding can be done consistently every time thanks to the pre-programmed settings and precise speed control on this state-of-the-art machine.


Countertop Oven

$549.95 At first glance this pretty stainless steel machine seems like another toaster oven, but it’s so much more. The six different cooking modes on this convection countertop oven can cook everything from your favorite fish to delicious pastries. Whether you’re cooking for one and don’t want to turn on your full-size oven for a smaller meal, or cooking for multiples and want to speed up the timing of your dishes, keeping this on your counter is the best way to get it all done. Our favorite part? The integrated temperature probe for roasting perfection without ever opening the oven door. Like we said, SO much more than a toaster oven.