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A weekend in the woods undoubtedly entails plenty of time spent the outdoors. From early morning hikes to evenings spent huddled around a warm fire, there are no shortage of cozy, snuggle-worthy moments to take advantage of. So what should you bring along? Take a peek at a few of our must-haves!

When it comes to the basics think light and simple. A sturdy weekender, weather-proof boots, and a few long-sleeved shirts for layering.

We threw in sage, fragrant lotion, and a travel-size bottle of our favorite scent.

Pack List

A warm throw for evenings spent around the fire

A handy case for electronics and gadgets.

Campfire syrup that could go on just about everything

A temperature controlled water bottle for long hikes


  • Incense sticks
  • Wrist watch
  • Matches
  • Playing cards
  • Trail Mix

And since no weekend in the woods would be complete without s’mores, bring along the essentials for this classic campfire treat.