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Football season starts this week. We’re sorry. If you’re not the sort who enjoys screaming at the television until February, you still deserve a fun way to spend Sunday afternoons. As much as we love Netflix, there are many, many more ways to creatively have just as much fun as the football-loving masses. 

First, expand your culinary repertoire .

With the living room potentially occupied, the kitchen is all yours. Take some time to test and learn recipes you’ve always had your eye on when you’re unlikely to be disturbed. There are plenty of taste-testers in the next room, should you need them. 

Tackle a major DIY .

If you’re the handy type, make fall the season you conquer the DIY you’ve had your eye on all year. We love this one, especially if you live in a small space or studio. The TV pivots to face you, no matter what part of the house you’re currently lounging in. And if you don’t finish, don’t worry. There’s another game on next week. And the week after that. And the week after that…

…or a minor one

If you’re not quite jazzed enough to break out the power drill, try a DIY that’s smaller scale, but will still satisfy your craving to create. The link above will take you to plenty of ideas for revamping your current glassware. 

Stage your own Puppy Bowl!

Puppies! (Or dogs as the case may be). Invite friends over under one condition–they bring their pup. Get the four-legged gang together for a day of fetch, tug-of-war, and just all around furry fun. Make sure to set out plenty of water bowls for thirsty revelers, and charge your phone–this is so going on Instagram. 

Project a movie outdoors

TV occupied? No problem! Rent a projector, call a few friends, and enjoy the movie(s) of your choice. Ask guests to bring their own camping chair, and set out a few blankets and floor pillows if you’ve got ’em. And bring snacks. Lots of snacks. 

Host a plant swap party

Those with green thumbs will appreciate this affordable way to expand a collection of home-grown flora. Invite friends who have impressive gardens of their own, and start swapping! Bear in mind this is fall, and the best things to plant are perennials, trees and shrubs, cool season veggies, pansies. 

Host a clothing swap .

If all your houseplants tend to die upon crossing your threshold, perhaps a clothing swap is a better…fit? Clothing swaps give new life to loved garments, and you’ll rest much easier knowing that the awesome jacket you’re totally sick of is being worn by a good pal. This is one event where more is definitely merrier, so be generous with invites! 

Host a wine tasting .

When in doubt, cheers! While others spend the afternoon with their beer of choice, this is a great chance for you and your pals to learn more about the finer things in life. Like wine. A lot of wine. Get recommendations from your local wine shop, or invite a friend who’s an amateur somm. Offer a well-stocked cheese tray to prevent things from getting too tipsy. 

Game night !

Some of us prefer games played off the field. Stock up on games for grown ups (think Cards Against Humanity), whip up a pitcher of your favorite cocktail, and order some stellar takeout. You can even share with the football fans in the next room… if you want.