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Photography by SARA DEANE

When it comes to setting the outdoor party scene, decide on the look that suits your lifestyle.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

For the casual lounger

the scene:

Poolside (obviously). It’s all about spreading out around the space. Cue the campaign chairs, bistro tables, umbrellas, and bar carts. Mood is light and carefree.

the attire

: Flip flops, shorts, flowy dresses. Bathing suits required. 

the menu:

It’s all about the munchies (cantaloupe blocks with bleu cheese, smoked salmon crepes) and one killer signature drink like blood orange sangria. 

Photography by Ballard Designs

For the patio lingerers


he scene

: The ultimate setup for big backyard homeowners or small-space terrace dwellers. All you really need is a solid table and plenty of seating (the gang’s all coming!). The key is making this an intimate party zone. 

the attire:

Relaxed and ready to hang. Best bring a sweater because this crowd sticks around. 

he menu:

No-fuss and fresh spread: Think amalfi salad with red wine vinaigrette, asian lettuce wraps, cucumber and dill salad. The limoncello spritzer is the noteworthy sipper. Finish it off with the ultimate 10-minute sundae for dessert. 

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

For the dinner party crowd

the scene: When you invite guests over, it’s a serious affair. Carve out a space in a remote location so it feels intimate and exclusive. We’re thinking modern day Secret Garden. (And lots of space is not required.) Prepare a table with enough room to spread out and chairs comfy for sitting day into night. 
the attire: Casual chic. Now’s the time to pull out that favorite sundress.
the menu: A little more character than your typical sit down dinner. Serve lobster rolls with caper remoulade, grilled corn, heirloom tomato salad. The drink of choice: sangria flora!