7 Amazon Wedding Registry Picks That Will Help You Merge Your Polar-Opposite Styles

When two aesthetics become one.
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When it comes to finding love, they say opposites attract. Which is all well and good until you attempt to build your wedding registry and realize that your home decor preferences don’t match—at all. Before starting World War III, try to find some common ground, no matter how small, says organizer Shira Gill: “Perhaps both parties love a similar color palette.”

And before you secretly swap that checked blanket your partner wouldn’t budge on for those floral plates, remember that contrast can be a good thing. “Mix it together and give it a try,” says organizer Jamie Hord of Horderly. “I surprisingly fell in love with some of my husband’s cherished items, like a golf trophy and bright green office lamp. It all comes down to respecting each other’s tastes.” 

Still find yourselves on opposite ends of the style spectrum? “Try investing in neutral, timeless, high-quality pieces that elevate the space and will be functional for years,” says Gill. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite such items to add to your registry. Think: finds that will keep your stuff organized while also creating visual harmony—two things we can all agree on. 

A Ceramic Crock

Mismatched utensils will look purposefully eclectic in this clean-lined ceramic container. 

Metal Baskets

The simplicity of these storage bins means they’ll work for almost any aesthetic. Use them to store snacks in your pantry or magazines and books in your living room. 

Shaker Pegs

A row of hooks is an entryway lifesaver, and this natural wood version will blend right in. Each of you will get two hooks for jackets and bags, a literal marriage of your styles in one tiny space. Psst: If you’re not feeling the naked finish, you can give it a fresh coat of paint.

A Storage Caddy

Use this sleek wood and white metal container for storing toiletries, your partner’s crafting supplies, or even mutual mail. 

An Acrylic Tray

Set this barely there catchall on a table near the front door as a place for keys, spare change, and your sunnies. 

A Mounted Wall Rack

These streamlined shelves are a super-functional way to store beauty products, cleaning supplies, or condiments so you don’t have to argue over the meager floor space.

A Clothing Rack

So what if your wardrobes couldn’t be more different? This garment unit will go with everything. 

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