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Credenzas entered the scene long before many of us existed; however, they’re making an eclectic and modern comeback that—when styled correctly—add vintage charm to a modern room. Striking the perfect balance between old and new can be tricky, but I’m up for the challenge. First, I headed over to  Krrb Classifieds , where I encountered some credenzas in need of modernizing but had wonderful styling potential! If you haven’t always been a fan of vintage (or haven’t yet taken the dive into the world of Mid-century modern), the credenza is a great way to get your toes wet.

The bones of the piece and wood used are classic and simple so you can style it whichever way you like. Whether you are picking up a  vintage designer gem  or a $100 score at a flea market, credenzas are generally great blank slates for you to work your design magic on. Cover it in plants, accessorize with framed photos of your family, or use it as a stand for your TV—it’s completely up to you!

I found a vintage credenza from  Norway’s Westnofa  through Krrb Classifieds and paired it up with some of my favorite modern accessories. I personally love when a prime piece—such as a credenza—is decorated with a mishmosh of accent pieces. There is so much room for you to add personal touches of creativity and character. If you’re styling the piece for a common living space, make sure it showcases belongings that give your home personality and charm!