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With 23.7 million Instagram followers and an OBE from the Queen herself, Victoria Beckham needs no introduction. This modern-day Renaissance woman—designer, singer, mother, and wife—is perhaps adding another role to her packed résumé: beauty blogger. The womenswear designer has been slowly and steadily Instagram storying her beauty musts over the last few months, from obscure body oils to Japanese face masks to even Uruguay eye drops. Not only is she a delight, but her reviews are honest, thoughtful, and quick, and no, they aren’t even #sponsored. They appear to just be her unfiltered opinions.

The 44-year-old hasn’t aged a day since her Posh Spice era, so it’s safe to say she knows her way around a medicine cabinet. Of course, she indulges in some pricey treatments, like radio frequency collagen-boosting Skinesis facials in London (which she posted about, natch), but she also is a skincare aficionado, testing out and publicizing the products she loves. Here are some of her most recent Instagram beauty-related posts, and what she has to say about them. She even has a catchphrase, which she tends to use on clean beauty products, saying “Keep it clean, ladies!” Honestly, keep those beauty recs coming, VB.  

Bio Seaweed Gel Soak-Off LED Gel Polish 3-Step Colour 1005 Mary, $18

Last week, our favorite new beauty blogger asked her followers in a story, “Question… what is the perfect red polish for winter?” Then, she was kind enough to follow up this week with the epic, obscure nail polish answer. Opting for the relatively unknown brand Bio Seaweed (which I personally have tried before, and honestly, it makes your nails superhuman strength strong), saying, “If you like a gel manicure, I recommend this! Can take longer to remove, but it lasts longer than others and stays super shiny!!!”

She uses her soon-to-be-famous phrase and adds a bit more details: “Keep it clean ladies and find out exactly what is in your polish!!”

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, $185

Beckham leans more toward nontoxic brands, and perhaps no clean beauty brand is more acclaimed than Vintner’s Daughter and its iconic Active Botanical Serum. She wrote before she tested it that “I have heard so much about this product so now I’m going to try! X”

The serum is packed full of 22 botanicals and 60-plus nutrients that work to encourage healthy, radiant, and youthful skin. She said she was, “Excited to try!” And, of course, reminds you that, “It’s clean, ladies!”

Michelle Villanueva Shadow Shields, $9.50

In November, while her makeup artist (she’s still Vicky B) was applying her makeup, she posted a selfie while trying out eyeshadow shields, which protect eyeshadow dust from falling on your under eyes. “It is so annoying when eyeshadow drops!! So I’m trying these little sticky pads,” she said.  

But our girl keeps it real. She gives a follow-up minutes after the first story, saying, “But… (for me) I find they hurt when u take them off and are too aggressive to use on such delicate skin.”

Osea Undaria Algae Oil, $48

Vicky! How did you find out about Osea Malibu? One of the most beloved, ethical brands out there has a small and mighty following, and include VB in that group too. “Love this body oil!” She also includes a great tip, which we’ve talked about before, of applying body oil on damp skin so it absorbs fully into the skin. “I use it straight out of the shower when my skin is still a little wet! X” And don’t worry, because “It’s natural, ladies!”

Sensai Bronzing Gel SPF 6, $40

Speaking of body, Beckham uses this Japanese-inspired brand whenever she’s in a pinch. “When u need a little last minute colour on your legs and arms!” The tinted gel is 70 percent water, making it incredibly hydrating and refreshing while giving a little boost of bronzed color.

Rodin by Recine Luxury Hair Oil, $70

Ever the jet-setter, VB knows a thing or two about staying fresh while traveling. She mused on about the iconic Rodin Olio Lusso brand and its lovely hair oil, which is created with the renowned hair artist Bob Recine. Beckham reminds us that “hair gets dehydrated when u travel, too!!” and that this oil “smells so good!”

The oil can be used in a variety of ways: after washing and conditioning as a hydrating hair treatment and styling aid; as a conditioner in the shower, or even to add last-minute shine to the ends of hair. She says she “loves this hair oil,” and so do we.

RickyCare No-Crease Leaf Clips, $6.99

VB knows luxury, of course. That doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate a good deal, too, though. While in New York in November, she visited the beauty destination Ricky’s one early morning, saying it is her “favorite beauty supply shop in NYC.” She walked through the store, noting the cheap thrills, like hairpins and accessories, saying, “it’s the little things that make me happy!”

It’s also the effective, little items that seem to make her pleased, too, as she called out Ricky’s brand of crease-free hair clips. She said they are “the BEST flat clips!!!”

These types of clips are ideal for holding back hair while applying makeup or getting ready, but they are created specifically to avoid leavin an indent in hair, like some other clips or bobby pins might.

Augustinus Bader The Cream, $265

In early November, Beckham mused on about a handful of beauty products after a treatment with popular facialist Melanie Grant. It’s Grant who appears to have intro’d our beloved Vicky to maybe the most lauded skincare product of 2018: Augustinus Bader’s The Cream. She called it “AMAZING” (all caps, folks) and says she uses it after cleansing her skin in the morning and the evening.

I, too, could call—and actually have called—this cream “AMAZING” (all caps), as it has the power to reactive dormant stem cells in skin, a form of technology that hadn’t yet been created before German scientist Augustinus Bader launched these two creams (one normal, one super-rich) at the end of 2017. Reactivating cells that are dormant can correct fine lines, acne, scars, and dullness. Good find, Vicky.

Biologique Recherche Serum A-Glyca

Perhaps no products are more iconic and celebrated than those from French brand Biologique Recherche, although it is incredibly elusive. It’s ideal to have an expert recommend the specific products ideal for your skin, but VB is a big fan of the serum A-Glyca, which can help produce collagen and elastin in skin. “This is good!” she says. She uses it “after moisturizer before you apply your makeup.”

SUQQU Face Stretch Mask, $78

We already know that Beckham loves and knows her way around a rejuvenating skincare product, especially when it can boost dull, travel-laded skin. She posted this summer that she loves Japanese brand SUQQU and its “amazing stretch face mask!” Especially “when u have been up since 4 am with jet lag.” The mask is specifically designed to not only hydrate deeply but also give a tightened effect to tired, lackluster skin.

One product we’re sad we’re not able to locate easily is Caillon & Hamonet eye drops. In mid-November, Beckham claimed it’s the “absolute best eye drops and they r from Uruguay!!!” The brand appears to only be available in South America unfortunately, but we’re hoping to track it down soon because she says it is perfect for when you “haven’t slept AT ALL and you just have to fake it!”

All this skincare research isn’t just for fun. Earlier this year, VB told New Beauty that she’s currently in the process of creating her own skincare line, perfume, and makeup. She hinted that the line would be “very scientific” and that she’s spent a lot of time researching and testing. So maybe our beloved Vicky isn’t a blogger after all and is continuing a long line of paving her own path—this time in the beauty world.