This Hotel Chain Was Specifically Created For Millennials

Tru by Hilton offers all the amenities a younger crowd could want at a price it can actually afford.

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Attention, millennials: Hilton is launching a new chain of low-cost hotels aimed at a younger crowd. In addition to the low price of a room, each hotel will also offer food and alcohol, 24 hours a day. You know, millennial priorities.

Tru by Hilton offers smaller rooms priced at around $100 or less, giving Airbnb a run for its money in the affordable accommodation arena. “The brand will appeal to a broad range of travelers who span generations but think alike; they are united by a millennial mindset —a youthful energy, a zest for life and a desire for human connection,” writes Hilton in a statement.

Tru was initially announced last January, with its first hotel opening in Oklahoma City that May. Most recently, it unveiled a new addition in Pennsylvania: Tru by Hilton Lancaster East opened at the end of June 2017, and marks the brand’s third U.S. location. It has 112 rooms, a heated indoor saline pool, and a fully equipped state-of-the-art fitness center —not bad for a budget hotel.

“Tru by Hilton is the very first in the industry to meet the needs of a previously underserved group of travelers— those who seek simplicity and value without compromising quality and design,” says Alexandra Jaritz, Tru by Hilton’s global head. “The proof is in our pipeline, and we are incredibly excited to welcome True by Hilton Lancaster East to our family of hotels.”

This family of hotels is rapidly growing, too. With over 425 hotels in various stages of development, 30 of which are currently under construction, and 150 new properties expected to open by the end of 2019, Tru hotels will be popping up around the nation to facilitate travel that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for price.

And with amenities geared towards younger travelers, Tru provides a more upscale alternative to hostels or cheap Airbnbs for a very specific demographic. Modern rooms with premium amenities, gourmet snacks and drinks available 24/7, speedy wifi, iPads in the lobby and market, and fitness centers outfitted to accommodate the latest fitness trends are just some of the ways Tru by Hilton is a decidedly 21st century brand.

There’s even a 2,880-square-foot reimagined lobby called “The Hive” that markets itself as a “first floor experience” rather than a traditional lobby. Tru’s “Hives” offers guests space to eat, work, lounge, and play, thereby providing a common space to foster community and interaction. For those traveling alone, this added perk of a social space reminiscent of a youth hostel gameroom area could make a big difference.

Source: Fortune

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