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Photography by STUDIO PROBA

Upholstered Headboards 

We’re moving away from the rough-cut, wooden headboards to the more glam and delicate variety. Fabric-wrapped headboards, preferably ones clad in jewel-tones, are making serious headway. This Incy Interiors headboard comes in a mesmerizing shade of pink and an equally luxe velvet finish.


Photography by STUDIO PROBA

Graphic Prints

Whether they be hand-painted, woven, or graphically designed, we can’t get enough of the “mix and match” pattern look. Our decorative method of choice comes in the form of vibrantly colored rugs (much like this set from Studio Proba!), which proves that there’s no such thing as too much pattern.


Vibrant Paint Splatter

The splatter paint effect is nothing new, but we’re all for rethinking the trend with a colorful twist. Case in point: Flat Vernacular’s latest collection of fabrics that embrace the finish within a vibrant palette and intricate detail.

Photography by SHOP STYLE

Lamb Fur Pillows

These plush textures are an effortless complement to the minimal and modern space, lending depth and a cozy layer of sophistication. Feeling bold? Experiment with throw pillows featuring a slight gradient – dyed sheepskins are making a comeback in a big way!

Photography by ANTHROPOLOGIE

Textile Jungles

Wallpaper-inspired patterns instantly transform ordinarily upholstered furnishings. A pattern as intricately graphic as this is best reserved for a monochrome decor scheme.

Photography by CULTIVER

Stonewashed Linens

This year, we’re revisiting this bedroom staple in a palette featuring new neutrals with slightly smokey undertones: blush roses, soft charcoal grays, and basic blues.


Printed Shibori 

Inspired by the Japanese tie-dying techinque, this age old design is refreshed with numerous pattern ways, monochrome linen backings, and sleek metallic accents.

Photography by SHASQ

Geometry in Colors

Rugs, pillows, sofas, poufs – you name it! We’re taking our love for a graphic color block and transforming it in true geometric fashion. The key to incorporating it into your space without an overpowering hit of modernism? Filtering in warm velvet elements and monochrome pieces.   
Photography by PINTEREST

Antiquated Color Blocks

Featuring a complementary pair of color and print – graphic patterns strongly encouraged – this trend inspires a modern revamp reserved for the antiqued with a new lease on life.

Photography by SHEER LUXE

Saturated Velvets 

Going beyond the typical pairing of velvet with the elegant, this luxurious fabric is revived with modern pieces in tinted shades.

Photography by UTOPIA GOODS

Whimsical Botanicals

Vibrantly lyrical color schemes are paired with bold designs to evoke a dynamic aesthetic layered with exotic depth.

Photography by PINTEREST

Woven Tonals

Delicately bold linens of a Scandinavian-esque feel are elevated with soft neutrals to complement the ever-evolving modern minimalism look.