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In a year that has been consistently unpredictable, it makes sense that parents were searching for quick homeschooling solves, renter-friendly tricks to reimagine their kids’ rooms, and creative organization ideas for small spaces—but also inspiration in the form of mood-altering paint colors and tween-led design tips. Because some of 2020 was about tackling the immediate problems at hand and other times it was about bringing a bit of magic and wonder into our little ones’ world (and our own). 

The 10 stories that resonated the most with you were the same ones we, as working parents, sought out. Following Domino Kids’s debut year, I’m excited to keep that momentum going in 2021. There are lots of fun things in store and surely new obstacles to overcome. But first, sending a huge congrats to families everywhere for making it through such an immensely challenging time. 

This New Mom’s IKEA Shelf Hack Is as Simple as They Come

It’s not a surprise that this project—which can be accomplished in an afternoon (possibly even squeezed in during nap time) and looks anything but basic—was one of the most popular reads of 2020. We want to re-create it outside a nursery. 

Inside a Guest Room–Turned–Nursery Where the Peony Wallpaper Had to Stay

The cheerful, floral-forward home of Graham Kostic, Fran Taglia, and their adorable baby, Romeo, also boasts an extra-zesty lemon-hued living room and several secret doors—because why not? 

How I Decorated a Bedroom With My Tweens That We All Can Love

If you’re unsure of where to start when designing a tween bedroom, follow Jordan Ferney’s lead and let the kids have some creative liberties, too—shop on Etsy together (hello, vintage NASA memorabilia); pick out a palette that everyone likes (welcome to the fam, neon red); and always lean on IKEA for staples.

8 Bunk Beds That Your Kids Won’t Want to Outgrow

We’ll admit: Some of the coolest beds out there are custom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t shop for something equally stylish. We rounded up a few of our favorite bunk bed designs that get the look—and can be assembled in an afternoon. 

The Hero of My Last-Minute Homeschooling Zone? This $20 Organization Tool

Leave it to renovation pro and mom-of-two Sarah Sherman Samuel to put together a distance learning space that’s full of budget-minded DIYs and supplies to stock up on in multiples. 

A Renter-Friendly Kid’s Room Designed With the Help of Tape Stripes

Not only does this boy’s bedroom boast a deposit-friendly wall decor hack, we love the idea of DIYing the furniture to match. 

Drew Barrymore on the Magic of Color and Why She Takes Her Time to Decorate

In a candid chat with 12-year-old crochet wiz and philanthropist Jonah Larson, our Kids issue cover star shares the one childhood keepsake she’s managed to hold onto, how she has guided her kids through this challenging year, and more.

5 Creative Organizing Strategies for Kids, From a Prop Stylist’s Own Apartment

When your 9-year-old has a Lego collection that tops 18,000 pieces, figuring out a storage solution that actually works is a matter of survival. Brooklyn-based mom Randi Brookman Harris spills her secrets.  

The Hallmarks of This Teen’s Gallery Wall? Protest Art and a Border Painted by Hand

A peek inside the ultra-personalized space of artist-in-the-making Lucy Lipofsky, whose grandmother even wrote a Rolling Stones quote on the mirror. Creativity for all ages!

A Tiny Rental Bedroom Perfect for 2 Kids—And Then a Newborn Arrived

In London, Africa Daley-Clarke shows us how welcoming another little human into the world need not sacrifice space (or style). Her daughters’ sweet sleeping setup proves there’s always room to grow—a good reminder as we head into 2021! This week, tune in on Spotify or Apple Podcasts for a special Kids episode of Domino’s podcast, Design Time.