Tim Tam Is Officially Available In The U.S!

The popular Australian biscuit is coming stateside.

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There’s now a way to satisfy your Tim Tam craving that will save you the cost of a plane ticket to Australia: the beloved biscuit is finally available for purchase in America.

Tim Tams are essentially two crispy chocolate biscuits sandwiching a creamy filling and coated in a thin layer of chocolate. They are incredibly popular in their home country of Australia -manufacturer Arnott’s claims that Australian families consume 45 million packets of the biscuits annually- and have attracted a global fanbase. There’s even a specific way to eat Tim Tams: those following the “Tim Tam Slam” method bite a corner off both ends and use the biscuit as a straw for enjoying warm beverages.

The biscuits are sold in 40 countries and come in dozens of flavor varieties. From chewy caramel to Tia Maria-flavored Tim Tams, there’s something for everyone. At one point, Indonesia was even selling cheese-flavored biscuits. The American versions are available in four flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate-caramel, and an exclusive U.S-only dark chocolate-mint variety.

Ready to experience one of Australia’s premier exports? You can find Tim Tams starting at $2.50 at various retailers across the country, including Walmart and Target.

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