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The gynecologist is about the last place on Earth you’d think of as inspiring or relaxing. Between the basic decor elements—hello, fluorescent lighting and stock art prints—paired with usually less-than-personalized care and months-long wait times, it’s a subpar experience all around. But one New York clinic is set to change that experience.

Welcome to Tia, the chicest gynecology office we’ve set foot in. Not only is it well-dressed, but the clinic is also hoping to improve the convenience and compassion in women’s healthcare—reimagined for women by women.

Photography by Kenzi Ban; Courtesy of Rockwell Group

Tia goes well beyond beautiful decor and an Instagrammable waiting room. Focused on providing a blend of high-tech equipment and powerful naturopathic solutions, it’s a one-stop space for gynecology, primary care, acupuncture, and community events (such as group meditation and yoga). With inclusivity in mind, the $150 annual membership fee is waived for low-income patients. “We are on a mission to enable every woman to access best-in-class, integrative women’s healthcare, not just a few,” explains cofounder and CEO Carolyn Witte.

If Tia sounds familiar, you probably recognize it as an app that gives personalized birth control advice and makes tracking moods, cycles, and symptoms easy. That smart, advanced technology comes to life in the just-opened Tia space in Flatiron, described by Witte to be less like a clinic and more like a “concept store” for women’s health: “The future of female healthcare is a model that elevates women’s health beyond our ‘lady parts’ and treats women with personalized, compassionate, and integrative care.”

This “healthcare with a soul” approach features some dreamy design, like graphic murals by Studio Proba and a living room–inspired waiting room, as well as thoughtful details, like more comfortable stirrups, CBD-infused seltzer water on-demand, and colorful dressing gowns that look more like a robe you’d wear in the morning than in a GYN office.

Photography by Kenzi Ban; Courtesy of Rockwell Group

Even choosing the architects was anything but ordinary. Tia partnered with The LAB at Rockwell specifically because it doesn’t typically design doctor’s offices. “It worked with us to create a step-by-step journey for our patient, considering every moment from booking an appointment to checking out to having human-focused interactions throughout your entire experience,” says Witte. That includes custom-designed and -built wardrobes in the exam rooms, which discreetly disguise all the “doctor stuff” and clutter while also providing a designated storage space for patients.

Beyond the examination rooms, the office celebrates women’s artistry in all forms. “It was important to me to have women’s perspectives reflected in the space, so we partnered with an amazing group of female artists and makers to bring our full vision for Tia to life,” says Witte.

Photography by Kenzi Ban; Courtesy of Rockwell Group

Painter and graphic designer Marleigh Culver’s artwork is showcased in an open space, Brooklyn-based glass artist Allison Eden’s mirrored “power lady” (created for Tia) stands in the sleek bathroom, and floral artist Hayley Gold of Starflower’s ovary-inspired floral displays appear throughout the office. Even in the waiting room, there are vibrators for sale by female-owned brands, like Maude and Dame, and natural deodorants by Native. “More than aesthetic flourishes, these thoughtful details infuse all our partners’ experiences as patients themselves and represent the power of design in service of comfort, confidence, and putting women in the right mindset to get meaningfully better healthcare,” says Witte.

Excited about the new wave of women’s health, but don’t live in New York? Witte says there are plans to open Tia Clinics in other cities, as well as scale this new model through Tia’s high-tech platform, TiaMD (a more in-depth version of its app, specifically for providers), so that any provider, anywhere can deliver “Tia-style” care. Because a clinic doesn’t have to feel clinical.

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