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Wallpaper packs a punch, whether you decide to adorn one wall in a classic damask print or all four in a moody botanical design. But if you have ever attempted to DIY, then you know the application process can be quite the hassle. Applying an allover treatment is even an annoyance when you’re using a peel-and-stick version. However, Susie Atkinson, founder of her eponymous British homewares brand, has a solution: wallpaper borders. Her latest launch consists of colorful, patterned adhesive strips that can change the whole look and feel of a room when just relegated around a doorway or window. The collection features four patterns (two stripes, a check, and a floral), all in multiple colorways, starting at $83 a roll. 

The installation process, while similar to traditional wallpaper in the sense that it requires pasting, is much quicker and easier, notes Atkinson: With widths between 1.3 and 2.5 inches, the trim parts can be applied by one person with the help of a standard smoothing tool. Plus if you’re using them to frame a threshold or piece of molding, you can simply follow the line on the wall instead of trying to juggle a level. Another perk? While most wallpaper isn’t the most humidity-friendly (the warm air melts the glue), Atkinson’s borders aren’t as affected because of the limited square footage they cover. Here are four clever ideas for implementing the fuss-free treatment in your space. 

Lean Into Tradition

Line your doorways and window frames with a classic stripe of pattern—bonus points if you coordinate the wall paint with the print. 

Tag Team Your Doors

If your house has particularly wide molding, dress it up by situating the strip down the center of the embellishment. 

Step Up Your Stair Game

Banisters tend to hog all the love when it comes to staircase design, so take a note from Atkinson and apply a strip of the wallpaper up against the top of each riser. 

Make an Alcove Stand Out

Highlight all your home’s quirky nooks and crannies by applying the hem to the boundaries of any awkward alcoves and watch everything fall in line.