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decorating tricks to give you an endless summer

Text and photography by Carrie Waller

If you’re anything like us, then you consider the summer season an event worthy of major celebration. Between the bold colors and swoon-worthy sunshine, summer is a difficult one to surpass as soon as it circles back around in June. So, just in case you’re looking to make the fun last all year, you’re in luck! Thoughtful decorative accents and color choices have the power to give you those feel-good vibes from January on through December. Read on for five tricks from DIY blogger and stylist,  Carrie Waller , that will help your spaces celebrate an endless summer—even as we head into the autumn season!

1. Add natural elements throughoutIt’s no secret that fresh flowers and live greenery instantly up the ante in a space, and the effect is especially powerful throughout the summer months. Thankfully, savvy florists worldwide have made year round flowers accessible to the masses, and you can put them to good use in your home any time—no matter the season! Try incorporating a fresh bouquet of grocery store flowers or cut greens to a couple of key rooms in your house throughout the fall and winter months. Even if you’re only able to splurge on a handful of sprigs once every couple of weeks, placing them in bud vases on your dresser, entryway console, and coffee table will afford your home a budget-friendly face lift. This oversized bouquet of blooms from  Petal Flower Co.  packs major personality, and the soft texture adds a hint of warm whimsy to the tabletop styling overall.

2. A summer color palette is key

Who says you have to change your color scheme every time one season blends into the next? No one, that’s who! Instead of chasing the trends by redecorating annually, establish a single palette that makes you happy in the spring, summer, fall,  and  winter. When it comes to summer specific shades, shoot for vibrant and saturated colors that feel fresh and natural. Carrie found inspiration for her endless summer color palette right from the  Elodie Rug , a collaboration between  Lulu & Georgia  and  Glitter Guide . By pulling playful shades of pink, green, and yellow from the woven rug, she was able to come up with a cohesive and cool palette that adds summery brightness to the space as a whole.

Photo by Carrie Waller

3. Take a season-specific stand on art
Art is another easy way to give your space a hint of summer. By choosing pieces that feature tropical themes—things like beach landscapes, palm tree portraits, or fruity subjects—you make it possible to mentally escape to the sun soaked coast any time you want. Just don’t forget to consider the frame! Rather than rustic wood textures, which tend to read a bit cozy and fall-like, choose a bright white frame or one with a bold gold surround. The pink and green flower photograph seen here by artist Catherine McDonald, care of  Artfully Walls , does two things. First, it establishes the idea of bright, budding plant life. And second, the print helps to carry the minty pink color scheme from the rug on the floor up and onto the wall.

4. Bright lighting allows the summer vibe to shine
There’s no use in putting time and energy into your art and furnishings if you don’t also plan an adequate lighting scheme to go with it. In her bedroom, Carrie incorporated a pair of matching  Ripley Gold Table Lamps  to either side of the dresser tabletop. By choosing metallic lighting, she was able to balance out the shimmery finish of the framed art. Furthermore, by outfitting the lamps with bright incandescent bulbs, Carrie put a spotlight on the carefully chosen aspects throughout the entire space—from the bedding to the window treatments.

5. Finish with playful details
With the big elements of color, art, and lighting in place, it’s time to turn your attention to the playful finishing touches that make a room feel like home. In this space, Carrie incorporated a small pineapple-shaped brass dish for her rings and two vintage clocks from her collection. She also added a stack of magazines and an estate sale globe to the dresser to encourage wanderlust. These final details not only give the room custom personality, but by choosing pieces in her pink, green, and gold color scheme, the accessories officially bring the summer tones home.