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The end of the summer season (it’s coming, you’ll be fine), can lead to the realization that you’ve got too much stuff, and it doesn’t need to stay with you come fall. Whether you’re selling on a stoop, in a yard, or out of a garage, we’ve got plenty of tips to take you from extra stuff to extra cash. Read on! 

get the word out

Spread the news beforehand by posting eye-catching ads. Make sure to include your address, an arrow pointing in the right direction, and the date and time. You can also advertise on social media or Craigslist. If you’re in a walking city, chalk it out on the sidewalk with an arrow.

clean what you’re selling

Make sure to go through every pocket or drawer before you sell things and run any clothes through the wash. You don’t want to sell anything dirty, and you don’t want to accidentally sell your favorite ring that was hidden in a purse pocket.

clean where you’re selling

People are more likely to buy if it looks your products came from a good home. Make sure to mow your lawn, rake the leaves, put out some fresh flowers, or clean up around your stoop.

create an experience

Make shopping your sale as close to store shopping as possible by organizing your merchandise by category and playing some background music. Place large, eye catching objects like a painting or antique mirror at the back of the sale, to encourage people to walk through. 

keep things organized

Separate media from kitchen supplies, etc. Hang clothing and make sure prices are easily visible without having to pick up the item.

price fairly

The usual rule: price things about one third to one half of what you paid for them. If something isn’t selling, lower the price. Remember, the goal is to get rid of your stuff!

know what sells

Media always sells well—books, DVDs, records, and CDs (yep, even now that we have Spotify). Another best seller? Home decor that’s easy to carry: rugs, small tables, throw pillows, lamps, etc.

have a “free box”

Throw in things you know you can’t sell but that someone might love, like small kids toys.

make change

Make sure you have cash on hand to easily give change to your shoppers.

donate what you don’t sell

Someone will benefit, and it means you get rid of the clutter whether or not it sells.