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Now, what would you expect to get if you woke up one bright holiday morning, got to the office and discovered that, yes, your co-worker Snoop Dee-Oh-Double-Gee was indeed your Secret Santa for 2016? We know what we would expect. And, yet those green kinds of Christmas treats weren’t what one lucky Reddit user got this year.

Much like hundreds of thousands of users and dozens of celebrities—Bill Gates included—Snoop Dogg participated in Reddit’s extra-merry Secret Santa program this year. As his show with Martha Stewart demonstrates on a regular basis, he’s a generous and thoughtful guy.

As the lucky Reddit user who actually took home Snoop’s Secret Santa package found out, his brand of thoughtfulness and generosity is chill, plush, and 100-percent legal. Redditor “queenoftitsandwine” (same!) wound up with a box including Snoop Dogg-branded slippers, quality green tea, a jar of Broadus Family baby powder, a darn fine Snoop Dogg t-shirt, and a mini drone.

Check out the haul below:

The spread was, according to Snoop’s card, designed to help a “bo$$ lady… kick back and relax.” Well done, sir. As “queenoftitsandwine” (a.k.a Erin) wrote in her series of unboxing photos, “I’ve had a rough year so getting this for Christmas was awesome.”

Isn’t that sweet? Our small hearts just grew three sizes.