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work the walls  

Keeping frequently used items on display will make things easier to find when you’re stuck in one of those “Where’s the cover to the medium pot” heated moments. 


shelve the shoes 

The reality is that no space (big or small) will compromise your shoe collection. Get creative. Place shelves on your wall to create a fun and unique way to store and display your footwear.

Photography by Lesley A. Unruh

raise the bed

A raised bed will give you more room to roam. Make sure it looks good by choosing a favorite fabric to enclose the area. After all, we’re big kids now. 

Photography by STEVEN RANDAZZO

think beyond the bookcase

Basic bookcase turns into the ultimate shoe organizer. With space for even the tallest of boots, you’ll be able to create inches in your closet and, which means your shoes will now be seen.

Photography by AMANDA FRIEDMAN

divide and conquer 

All those rolls. Make storage (and grabbing in a pinch) a cinch by placing dividers in an extra-tall draw to showcase all your choices.

Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

conquer toy clutter
When playtime is over, those toys need a tidy space, too. Choose a shelving unit that has space for stashing plenty of bins. Conceal with a decorative curtain.

Photography by Antoine Bootz

look low 
No more closet space? No problem. Place a shelving unit or bookcase on its side and cover with a fabric panel to create a mini-wardrobe for your little one’s clothes.

Photography by JOHN GRUEN

label with care
Separating items is step one. Step two involves labeling these bins so you can find things fast. Trust us, you will be grateful you did.