Published on April 19, 2019

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Photography by Meghan McNeer

Whether you’re living in one by choice or not, small spaces come with their own set of problems. Tiny rooms are often forced to have multiple functions (hello, dining table/work desk) and can be awkwardly shaped. Lack of space plus a tight budget means that you may not be able to live out your Pinterest-fueled dream-home aspirations just yet, but don’t let a lack of square footage prevent you from trying. Form and function are not mutually exclusive in small spaces, and we’ve got the products to prove it.

With tiny homes continuously creeping up in popularity, there’s never been a better time to downsize. Thanks to space-conscious retailers like Burrow and Amazon’s Rivet brand, it’s now super easy (and affordable) to deck out your small apartment. With a plethora of experts available to provide smart layout tips, decorating a size-challenged home no longer has to be a stressful experience. Living small is officially trendy. Ahead, some of our favorite smart finds that’ll revolutionize your limited living space, guaranteed.

To squeeze in an extra bit of storage

If your entry is large enough to fit a bench, this sleek one is the only furniture piece you’ll need. A drawer easily contains hallway essentials or it can even act as your home’s junk drawer (let’s face it, we all have one). Plus, the space underneath is ideal for housing your favorite shoes.  

To create kitchen counter space where there is none

Don’t let a small kitchen crush your dreams of becoming the next Ina Garten: A storage-friendly cart is all you need for a little extra prep area. When you’re not using it to get ready for all the dinner parties you’re undoubtedly hosting, this simple kitchen cart is the perfect way to sneak a bit more storage into your home.

To open up a tiny bathroom

Maybe your medicine cabinet mirror isn’t cutting it or maybe your small bathroom is devoid of a mirror altogether; regardless, this simple bronze piece will make a great addition. The shelf is perfect for all those little essentials you can’t live without, like cotton balls and makeup brushes.

To add visual interest to a space without artwork

Not everyone has enough space for a gallery wall. Enter: This sculptural gold hanging planter, which is great for displaying a new green friend and adding a decorative finishing touch to any room. Mounted to the ceiling, it won’t take up much valuable real estate, but it will add a bold graphic element to your space.

To make up for your kitchen hoarding problem

If you have a habit of snapping up every cute kitchen accessory you see, you’ll need to get creative with your storage solutions. When you’ve run out of cabinet space and even a bar cart won’t help, utensil racks are the perfect fix. Small, sleek, and stylish in a rustic European way, they’re prime for jamming in an extra bit of organization.

To take the place of a nightstand

Bring the best of Scandinavian simplicity home with a tiny wall table. It has more than enough room for an alarm clock and your go-to sleep aids; it’s also the perfect perch for design-forward products that are too pretty to hide, such as essential oils or your favorite candle.

To facilitate Netflix binges

You may not have the requisite square footage for the plush sofa of your dreams, but this stylish mid-century number is definitely tiny-apartment approved. Essentially a starter sofa, this loveseat was made with easy assembly in mind. Plus, the bold red hue will add an unexpected pop of color into your living room that’ll liven it right up, guaranteed.  

To give your orphaned knickknacks a home

A freestanding bookshelf is useful in literally every room of the house, and if it’s got great bones, all the better. In the kitchen, use it in lieu of wall-mounted shelving to make up for minimal cupboard space. In the living room, it’s the perfect venue to display books and assorted tchotchkes. In the bedroom, use it as an extension of your dresser to store your favorite folded bulky sweaters and colorful garments.

To anchor your tiny bedroom

Just because your bedroom is small, it doesn’t mean you are doomed to spend the rest of your days in a twin bed. The key is finding a bed with some built-in storage; this industrial-style piece comes with two large drawers where you can keep your out-of-season clothes. Crafted from solid poplar wood, it’s an investment piece that’s made to last.

To brighten up a dark room

No space for a side table? Get yourself a light fixture that can do both. As a bonus, this one even has a USB stick so you can charge your phone without having to worry about tracking down the singular outlet in your room.

To make up for your lack of a pantry

Don’t stress about your tiny kitchen. A mobile storage-and-counter space—especially in a fun, retro shade of aqua—is perfect because it fits neatly in the corner and will free up a bit of cupboard real estate. In the absence of a formal pantry, you can store dry goods in it.

To make the most of your entryway

It’s well known that mirrors are a go-to for tight quarters, as they reflect light and make limited space appear larger. That said, do you know what’s even better for a small space than a mirror? A mirror with hooks! While this arched number is great for checking the results of that makeup tutorial, it also provides five hooks on which to hang everything from purses to jackets to umbrellas and more.

To pull together your living room

Proof that a stylish side table doesn’t have to take up a ton of space, this sleek black piece is perfect for a minimalist sensibility and won’t make an already-small living room feel even more cramped. Plus, the C silhouette allows room for a bin or basket underneath, and when you live in a tiny home, it’s all about finding sneaky storage.

To encourage a green thumb

Don’t worry: You don’t need to sacrifice your budding green thumb (pun intended) for your tiny home. This plant stand allows you to keep a variety of greenery and even works outside if you want to spruce up your balcony.

To make working at home without an office a cinch

This wall-mounted, leaning desk is less clunky than a traditional one, plus it includes extra shelves for storage. It’s ideal if you work from home a lot but don’t have the space for a home office, as you can hang this on any empty wall. Pair with a foldable chair for maximum space efficiency.

To take the place of a guest room

At $299, the price of this mid-century futon sofa really can’t be beaten. It’s an ideal solution if you have a small space but still want to be able to host guests who need to crash for the night. So long, deflated air mattress.

To help you get ready in the morning

Ideal for an entryway or bedroom, this leaning mirror-ladder combo serves as a catchall for your stuff as you head out in the morning.

To bring sculptural functionality to any side table

When your space is limited, any extraneous decor can start to make the room feel cluttered. So instead of letting your bedroom become dominated by a traditionally bulky table lamp, ditch that silhouette completely. This compact design reduces the concept of a table lamp to a minimal cube for optimal simplicity and maximal breathing room—not to mention that it rings in at just $35.

To make sharing a bathroom manageable

A slim, rolling cart with hooks for towels is just what tiny bathrooms need. It’s a great alternative to a mounted wall unit or over-the-toilet shelving situation—plus, it has enough space for both you and a roommate to keep your beauty essentials within easy reach.

To make your hoarding problem chic

We know a lot about storing (and hoarding) magazines and are in deep, deep love with this side table as a solution to housing our collection. It hardly takes up any space, making it an easy living room accent.

To make the most of an underused space

No space for a bedside lamp? An on-trend, brass plug-in sconce is a natural solution. It brings a little hotel-room flair to your space while freeing up any surface near your bed for bedtime books or essentials.

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