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Chic shot glasses are catching our eye these days, and, yes, we’re just as surprised as you are. But we’re here to redefine the meaning of the shot glass, taking it from forgettable frat parties and cheesy gift shops to after-dinner slow sips. Because while Smirnoff was preferred down the hatch, the mezcal you brought back from Oaxaca should be enjoyed in the proper vessel. 

While our most beloved glassware brands all exist at pretty high price points, shot glasses will always be the least expensive items in a collection. So if you don’t want to spend a month’s rent on a full set of stemware, its miniature counterparts might be just the pick-me-up your bar cart (and wallet) can handle—which means now you can fill your shelves with Tom Dixon and R+D Lab. And if you ask us, mini anything is always cuter anyway. I mean, these checkered Murano glasses are ​​small masterpieces. 

We love that shot glasses double as measuring devices, too. So along with your cocktail shaker and swizzle sticks, line them up on your bar and encourage party guests to bring out their inner mixologists, with the comfort that a mezcal margarita will be just right every time. I’ll drink to that.