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As a prop stylist and market editor for 15 years, I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours packing and unpacking—carefully cocooning everything from one-of-a-kind vintage glassware to Martha Stewart’s own Christmas ornaments. Years ago, I took notice of a specific, expandable paper material being used to package large ceramic pieces and began hoarding it, because it was the best packing material I had found that wasn’t made of plastic. At the time, I could only get my hands on the 1,000-foot, commercial-size rolls of the honeycomb-like paper, so I was thrilled when I discovered that Scotch started making my coveted Cushion Lock Protective Wrap in a handheld, 30-foot size.

Here’s why I love it: First of all, because of its perforated nature, it’s easy to tear off without a cutting tool. Then once you have your desired length, all you have to do is give it a good stretch, and, in an accordion-like fashion, it instantly expands 1.5 times its flat size (it’s the 3D effect that creates such a protective layer around your fragiles). After “activating” the cushion, then comes the lock: Just wrap the item a few times, tear the paper, then tuck it into itself. The texture acts almost like little barbs, so the paper catches onto itself and stays put with just a fold—that means there’s no need for those one-handed, tape-tearing maneuvers while holding your paper in place.

But what really brings me joy is the fact that this packaging is 100 percent recyclable and has completely eliminated my need for Bubble Wrap. Not only that, it’s great to upcycle—I use it for filling empty space in my parcels, and I’ve been known to fashion it as a no-frills gift basket foundation as well. It’s the easiest, earth-friendliest way to make sure my breakables make it to their final destination—and in one piece.