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photography by WENCK BROTHERS 

The next big thing in tech typically grabs our attention, but when that next big tech thing wants to help us at home, we’re on the edge of our mid-century seats. SAGE by Hughes is the home automation system for anyone who’s intimidated, confused, or just iffy about home automation systems. Your concerns about wiring, compatibility, even cost are about to go right out the (totally self-monitored) window. Read on for must-know facts about SAGE from the creative team behind this innovative new system, and watch home automation in action in our video to learn more about our favorite SAGE features, and even how our own Editorial Director is using the system in her home to make (literally) everything easier.

Jessica Romm Editorial Director at domino magazine

HOW DOES AN AUTOMATED HOME APPEAL TO YOU? I love the no-brainer, “it has my back” aspect of knowing that if I forget to do something there’s always a way to check or resolve. Also, even in apartment living, it’s nice to be able to streamline. Everything happens on our phones and it’s nice to make that the center control for the home as well.

WHICH SAGE FEATURE DO YOU FIND YOURSELF USING MOST OFTEN? I love setting a mood with dimmed lights in the evening, and being able to control the lighting and other appliances like my Sonos speakers from my phone is a total bonus. Every light in my house is on a dimmer – and SAGE makes it all so easy. Also, I love checking on my kids when they’re sleeping via SAGE’S camera function. And of course the fact that I never have to worry about forgetting my keys is just a huge convenience.

Set the mood without leaving your seat!

HOW HAS HAVING A SAGE SYSTEM CHANGED EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES AROUND THE HOUSE? Everything is just streamlined and super easy. The interface is even really pared-down and simple.

ANY ADVICE FOR SOMEONE CONSIDERING HOME AUTOMATION? Think about ways to streamline your daily routine and go from there. It’s a huge time saver. The ability to turn off all of the lights at home by one tap on your phone is reason enough to do it.

“Did I lock my door?” won’t happen again. Lock your door from your phone, from anywhere!

The SAGE By Hughes Team 

WHAT IS THE MOST CREATIVE USE OF SAGE THAT YOU’VE SEEN YET? We’ve encountered various uses of SAGE to-date, and what we’ve seen are a lot of interesting stories resulting from every-day issues. One of the more cute ones: A colleague of ours had recently installed the outdoor camera by her front door, and had been keeping especially close track of things due to a recent spree of porch piracy they’d experienced before she installed the camera. Turns out the culprit was not an intimidating ruffian, but the six-year old little boy from next door who developed a crush on their daughter. Not sure why he thought theft was going to win her heart, but without the footage I’m pretty sure it would’ve been a difficult mystery to solve.

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU WANT OUR READERS TO KNOW ABOUT SAGE? SAGE puts home security and automation on your TV at an affordable price, and comes without the need for monthly fees. However, a nominal monthly rate does enable the MyLocal911 service, which is the coolest feature you never knew you needed!

Contact authorities near your home, even when you’re not near your home!

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