Published on August 28, 2019

When was the last time you got really excited about a window? We’re going to guess never. A home isn’t a home without windows, but we usually only care about what’s on the other side of the glass—the view, the sunshine, the snow. Then we spotted the Hinterland Hideaway house by Australian design trio Three Birds Renovations and our entire outlook changed. 

“A round window is like a piece of art,” says cofounder Lana Taylor. It’s true: The oversize circle in the laundry nook of the breezy Queensland home (sneak a peek below) totally one-ups a painting, let alone an ordinary window with four corners. The framework has a telescopic quality to it; even from far away, what’s on the other side feels zoomed in. And without curtains or shades, the single sheet of glass is free to flood the space with natural light. Read on for five unexpected places to embrace this unique vantage point. 

In a Laundry Room 

round window in a white laundry room with orange and pink tilesPin It
photography courtesy of three birds renovations

Fun fact: The really impressive windows aren’t always as they appear. “They actually came in a square frame, so we had to add drywall over the corners to get the shape,” Taylor recalls. The installation might take a little longer, but the end result is worth the wait. 

At the End of an Entryway

large round window at the end of the entrywayPin It
photography courtesy of three birds renovations

In the entrance of the same home, a (second!) bull’s-eye window complements the organic shape of the arched front door. A scalloped sculpture and circular table drive the theme home. 

In Any Space That Faces the Backyard

pink kitchen and dining room with an open round windowPin It
photography by Nicholas Worley | Courtesy of Simon Astridge Architects

The design in this North London home by Simon Astridge Architecture is like a supersize version of a ship’s porthole. Just give it a little nudge and the window fully opens to the garden.

In a Tiny Kitchen  

cozy cabin kitchen wiht a round window Pin It
photo courtesy of otis and otto

The best spot to chop veggies in Otis & Otto founder Kirsty Davey’s Australia home is clearly in front of this window. It’s also a great place to document the changing seasons. (Right now, the creative consultant and blogger is enjoying seeing winter in full effect from her warm kitchen.)

Over a Bathtub 

pink and green bathroom with a round window over the tubPin It
photography courtesy of UTKAN GUNERKAN

Istanbul-born architect Utkan Gunerkan started with a unique point of inspiration for this hypnotic pink-and-mint bathroom concept. “It’s a modern, eclectic mix of Mexican and Spanish architecture, full of domes, arches, and courtyards,” he says of the design. Gunerkan didn’t stop the curves at the window—D-Tiles flow from the floor up onto the wall in one seamless swoop. 

There’s no need to leave town to change your perspective—just reframe your view.

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