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There’s no other way to say it, Rebecca Taylor’s redesigned office is perfect. From the dark floral statement wall down to the stack of magazines in the corner, it’s safe to say we’re in love with every element of this space. Taylor teamed up with Homepolish designer Tali Roth to create an office space that reflects her aesthetic, and we think they nailed it. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind the many design details straight from Roth herself.

How did you decide on a color palette?

The color palette was natural and unspoken as Rebecca uses nude pink throughout her collections and her branding. The wallpaper worked in beautiful with hints of nude paint, cream, soft blue and that dramatic black. We found the best nude pink from Farrow & Ball called “pink ground” and used that in the floor design and the wall that the brass magazine holders are on. The rest flowed from there.

How did you decide on this specific wallpaper? Did you have any reservations about going darker?

We decided on the Ellie Cashman wallpaper unanimously. I initially had presented it in a concept to wallpaper the door and then Rebecca said why don’t we do the whole wall and I was like “if you are game then I am game”. The beauty of working with Rebecca is that she had conviction behind her choices. I think when you go bold you need to commit 100%.

I LOVE all of the mixed prints! Do you have any advice for mixing and matching prints?

Yes! When working with different prints try and have a common theme. All of our prints had off white or nude/blush pink so it had a sense of cohesion. You also need to keep layering these prints until you hit the right balance and it has just the right amount of chaos without feeling overdone.

The flooring is also amazing. Is that tile? How did you settled on that specific design?

The floor is actually hand painted by four of us. We used lasers, huge rulers, and grey lead pencils and girded the floor and then taped it with painted tape and did sections of painting. We wanted a simple enough geometric pattern that was more sophisticated than a grid. We first painted the whole floor white then used pink ground and peignoir (from Farrow and Ball) as the accent colors. It was a labor of love and took a whole 12 hour day.

Thankfully, Roth shared a few tips on how to achieve an office as beautiful as Taylor’s. She suggested seeking out a space with natural light and knowing what objects to conceal (ugly paper files) and what to showcase (pretty stacks of magazines). But perhaps the most important (and easiest!) way to creating a happy office space is to incorporate inspiration.

Roth said, “Whether we are in a creative field or not—be sure to have something visual that motivates you. It could be as simple as a photograph of a hut in Bora Bora or a cork pin board with images of your target clients, timelines and goals. Keep your desk organized and keep your eye on the prize.”