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There’s nothing quite like a candy shop. The jars upon jars of colorful treats, massive display cases filled to the brim, and aggressively pastel-hued decor are (for the most part) unique to these special boutiques. Whether it’s a mega-sized spot with many aisles of sugary things or a more mom-and-pop-style boutique with totally homemade wares, there’s a high chance you’ll get a feel-good vibe from the interior of any confectionery. Luckily, we have Instagram to help us explore candy shops all over the world without ever setting foot outside our homes, making it easier to enjoy their beauty without overindulging. Here, take a peek at the sweetest candy shops we could find.

Miette, San Francisco, CA

Located in San Francisco, Miette gives a nod to classic heritage candy shops while being completely modern at the same time. Their menu boasts delicious cakes and cupcakes as well as an impressive candy selection, making it hard to decide which is the main attraction. With glass apothecary-style jars of sweet treats covering the shop pretty much from floor to ceiling and a bright pink exterior, it’s hard to not be delighted by this adorable little shop.

À la Mère de Famille, Paris, France

If you’re looking for classic Parisian charm mixed with gorgeous, traditional candies, you’ve come to the right place.This family-run shop has been around for over 250 years, so it’s safe to say they seriously know their stuff. Famous for treats and recipes that have been in the family for years and years, you’ll get a look at what goes into making these unique confections on their account.

Sugarfina, Locations Nationwide

Possibly some of the most Instagram-friendly stores on earth, Sugarfina’s locations across the U.S. are filled with photo opps. All their candies come in little clear square boxes, making it really all about the sweets. They’re known for focusing on international ingredients and varieties, making for an anything but typical candy shop experience. Started by a couple who really love their candy and wanted to create an adult-friendly atmosphere, this store has the fancy sweet shop game on lock.

Shane Confectionery, Philadelphia, PA

For a taste of old-school style that won’t disappoint, check out Shane Confectionery. It’s America’s oldest confectionery and has been around since 1863, so they definitely know a thing or two about making amazing candy. Loved by locals and tourists alike, this place doesn’t mess around when it comes to chocolate and other classic treats. They’re also known for their hot chocolate mix, which is sold in fun retro-feeling bottles. All you have to do is add milk!

Dylan’s Candy Bar, New York, NY

If crazy-bright colors and peak levels of organization are things you’re into, you’ll love following Dylan’s Candy Bar—just look at all those color-coordinated containers. Owned by Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph, the store appropriately possesses a well-thought-out (and decidedly vibrant) aesthetic. While a few other Dylan’s locations exist, their flagship store in NYC is definitely the most impressive. You’ll find their feed filled with rainbow-colored everything and candies you didn’t even know existed.

Lolli & Pops, Locations Nationwide

Known as one of the best places to snag a candy-centric gift, there’s a luxe feel to Lolli & Pops that’s totally distinctive. Perhaps it’s because of their colorful pastel and gold packaging, which makes even the most basic of treats feel fancy. With over 35 locations and more shops opening, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to visit one of these IRL now or very soon. Until then, you can scroll through their endless supply of pretty little candies and sweets.

The Sugar Factory, Dubai, UAE

Though The Sugar Factory has many locations, their Dubai store is both stunning and sleek. While old timey candy shops have their own special feel, new shiny stores like this one are beautiful, too. With a wide range of candies from all over the world and a brasserie where diners can enjoy over the top dessert concoctions, this place is a gold mine for sugar lovers.

SugarSin, London, United Kingdom

If you’re going to eat “sinful” candy, it should at least be a fun experience, right? It clear that SugarSin believes the answer to that question is yes. With a whimsically designed retail space, a whole host of candies they make in-house, plus a selection of treats from the founders’ native Sweden, their playful attitude makes this place a must-follow. The sisters who started the shop wanted to create a “modern Willy Wonka Factory,” and it looks like their creative vision was a complete success.