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People will do almost anything for their pets: move across the country, change their daily routines, and even redesign their homes. According to a recent Pinterest Predicts spotlight, searches for “cat-ify your home” and “cat house design” have jumped fourfold over the past few months. The trend involves a bit more than toy baskets and scratching trees, however. We’re talking about floating shelves meant for climbing, a bed that wouldn’t look out of place in the middle of a living room, and custom plywood play structures. We may not be able to permanently stop your feline from scratching the upholstery, but we do have a few design ideas they might like better than your bouclé sofa arm.

It’s the Climb

white ikea lack shelf
LACK Wall Shelf, IKEA ($8)

In Caitlin Mociun and Tammer Hijazi’s Brooklyn apartment, a few IKEA Lack shelves and faux sheepskin rugs are now a vertical playground for their Bengal cat, Ms. Cleo.

(Litter) Box of Tricks

litterbox cabinet
Rifiuti Litterbox, Tuft + Paw ($699)

Domino’s deputy photo editor swears by Tuft & Paw’s design-forward pet accessories. “At first glance I thought it was a vinyl record storage shelf, but it’s actually a compartmentalized and discreet litter box with sleek lines and tapered legs in the prettiest blond birch plywood,” she says.

Cat Nap

bookcase with built-in cat bed
Multilevel Cat Climbing Tower, Urban Outfitters ($399)

What looks like any other mid-century bookcase houses a built-in cat bed and ledges lined with felt and sisal. Stack your coffee-table books on top and let your pet explore the rest. Leave the floor space for a human lounge seat.