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I was hoping that between my last post and this one, that Spring would have fully sprung.  But….NOT. QUITE. YET.  So, to encourage it with an ever louder voice, I thought I’d share some very spring (and summer) florals to hold you over until the real deal arrives!
Before I started shooting gardens, I fell in love with photographing flowers.  It almost didn’t matter what kind they were as I was fascinated by the details and the colors never failed to inspire and brighten my mood.  In fact, it was an image of a gorgeous floral bouquet that my husband sent me in the middle of winter which I credit with getting the attention of a most talented magazine art director (Amy Vischio!) who would later offer me my first assigment and oh so many since. In case you are curious, here’s that picture:

I still love to photograph floral design. There is something about that unknowing colloboration with the floral designer that I really look forward to and when it’s done right, it’s an irresistible subject.  Here are a few arrangements that work in every way.  Have an upcoming event and looking for something unique?  Melissa Kane at MKK Designs is a master at combining unexpected elements and colors with simply STUNNING results. Her work is distinctive and showstopping. Case in point:

Katherine Daught Jacob at Botanica Studio in Westport, CT is a brilliant floral designer and always our first phone call when we need something special– for a birthday, Valentine’s, a housewarming or often for a photo shoot.  Here’s some of her work.  Always perfectly executed and simply beautiful.

One of my all time favorites. The incomparable Moshe Aelyon designed and masterminded every detail of a graduation party celebrating a group of close girlfriends which included a mesmerizing live butterfly release and this arrangement.  It was beyond beautiful– especially to the butterflies:

Floral design plays an important role when I am
photographing interiors, too.  The right arrangement–
in color, shape, presentation and most especially scale,
can dramatically enhance the final image.  Whether
it’s a bold statement that adds a pop of color or
something more subtle and quiet, the flowers can
become a focal point when framing a shot.

The flowers in this arrangement, by Botanica, for a
recent interiors shoot were spot on and gave us just the
right punch for this shot of a sophisticated home office:

Another outstanding floral designer–
really a true artist– is Cyrus Paktinat at
The Flowerfall. When I am feeling especially bold or
adventurous and can resist the temptation
to give direction, Cyrus NEVER disappoints.

Here’s one I have always loved.  Just the right
tone and the perfect scale for this
masculine and oversized space:

And finally…last but surely not least.  This.  It’s always a treat for me when my client, the designer, is ALSO the floral designer as is the case with the ever talented Robert Rizzo of Cobble Court Interiors.  Rob’s designs are classic, clean and crisp and he always knows how to add that finishing touch with the right flowers AND the right presentation. His choice in this living room, below (also featuring an amazing piece by mixed media artist Pam Moxley), perfectly captures the undertones of the fabrics and made me and my camera pretty happy, too.