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I am happy to introduce myself to the domino community!  My name is Stacy Bass and I’m an interiors, landscape, and lifestyle photographer.  I’m looking forward to blogging about photography–from resources and recommendations about great gear and tools to tips about how best to photograph your own space, stories about some of my favorite places to photograph, and more.

I spend most of my time photographing homes and landscapes/gardens created by other people (which I love) but as I was finishing the re-design of my own home, I started thinking about shooting it as well.  Believe it or not, my first instinct was actually to ask another photographer to do it. I thought I might be too close to the project and possibly unable to be as creative with the perspectives or angles I might choose.  

I even called a well known interiors photographer whose work I really respected and asked if he would take the job.  He gently declined and convinced me that I could do it myself and what’s more, that I SHOULD.

So, after some consideration, I decided to do it.  And in the end, my approach made all the difference.  I handled it like I would any other professional shoot.

I set and confirmed a date. I had my assistant on hand, I brought in a friend who’s a talented stylist to help refine some of the rooms, and I had a budget for floral design (which I exceeded).  I even had those “night before the big shoot” butterflies in my stomach–a mixture of excited anticipation and pressure to get it all right.

As it turns out, the day of the scheduled shoot wasn’t quite the day I imagined weather-wise, but the light was still lovely and there was no (good) reason to cancel and so….I did it.

In the end, I learned that I was able to step outside the intimacy I had with the space to see it through fresh eyes but also to capture how the space really feels to live in.  I really enjoyed the process of moving around my house and the rooms that I worked so hard to create.  So much so, I look forward to the next time….