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You may have thought we hit peak K-Beauty and moved on, but pump those brakes and turn around: Peach & Lily, arguably the largest American-based site for curated Korean skincare, has launched their own innovative line of clean beauty (clean is fairly unique in the K-Beauty world, too), entirely inspired by iconic K-Beauty staples.

The line, which launched July 16, consists of five products: a clearing serum, an antioxidant cream, a hydrating oil, a glow-inducing sheet mask, and a resurfacing mask. But we’re here to talk about that last mask, the Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask ($43).

This wash-off mask is pretty extraordinary, for a few good reasons. So extraordinary, in fact, that it sold out on Peach & Lily’s site within minutes of going live—literally minutes.

The resurfacing, exfoliating, retexturizing gel mask works so well because of the unusual percentage of ingredients inside it. The potent blend of 10 percent AHA (specifically glycolic acid), 0.5 percent BHA, and blue agave de-gunks deep down into pores and dramatically purifies. That 10 percent glycolic is quite high for a mask, and it clears pores and retexturizes skin. Glycolic is an especially powerful ingredient because it has the smallest molecule of all acids, meaning it penetrates deeper, and has the most dramatic results. So with 10 percent glycolic, you’re going to get major results, even within one use.

I got a sample to give a test run at home. I applied the jelly-like mask and felt an instant tingle and light burn. That’s pretty standard with resurfacing masks for a few seconds. But the burn kept on tingling for minutes, so much so that I started to majorly panic, fearing my face would be dramatically red and acid-burnt. But a few minutes later, the burn dissipated and when I washed the mask off 10 minutes later, my skin was dramatically and noticeably clearer and smoother.

Turns out, the founder of P&L, Alicia Yoon, created this mask for exactly that purpose—the results of a pro-grade chemical peel, without the reactive, oversensitized, irritating effects. The mask can simultaneously resurface skin while also hydrating it, thanks to the hyaluronic acid, chamomile, and aloe in the formula. Pro results without all the irritation.

The mask is a total must for all skin types, but especially those with clogged pores, acne, rough patches, and/or bumps, and even those with sensitive skin (hallelujah).

The bad news? It’s sold out. But! It’s coming back in stock, and you’ll have to act fast. After hearing from customers, P&L just created a pre-order list, which might sell out, too, so order now if you’re interested. The mask is estimated to arrive on August 8, and will then be sent out to customers according to their standing on the pre-order list.

Wanna feel the burn, but STAT? There are alternatives to test out, too. Malin & Goetz just released their Brightening Enzyme Mask ($55) that’s also gel-based with botanical AHAs and pomegranate and pumpkin enzymes for a major exfoliating boost.

Or give Verso Enzyme Peel ($90) a go, which has AHA and PHA, which are polyhydroxy acid with pomegranate enzymes, too. It’s gentle while still tackling dead skin cells and resurfacing the skin. And our trusty friend glycolic acid is in their mix, along with his cousin, lactic acid—both of which improve skin’s overall quality and collagen production.

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