File Under ‘Who Knew?’: Eggs Are Surprisingly Great For Your Skin

These products are giving new meaning to having egg on your face.

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You love to eat eggs? Same. And, hey we just recently learned they can be kind of great for treating under-eye circles—amazing and crazy, I know! But eggs are also increasingly being used in skincare products, and that’s very good news for you (and bad news for your stubborn blackheads that won’t disappear).

Egg whites have an antibacterial enzyme in them called lysozyme particles, that when used on your skin can effectively remove pore-clogging debris and dead skin cells. Basically, it purifies the skin to help clear up and prevent breakouts. Pretty great, right? And while, you might just be able to DIY a mask at home, there are some products that make putting an egg on your face much easier to achieve.

The new Egg-Zyme Whipped Foaming Cleanser ($20), from the brand Too Cool for School, is especially great at calming problematic skin and preventing acne. The gentle, highly foaming (it’ll give a super rich lather) also features something the Korean brand identifies as “bubble puzzle technology,” which provides a dense foam for a luxe texture and a super thorough cleanse. I love to use it at night to effectively remove all my makeup and sunscreen from the day. I can’t outright tell if it’s clearing my skin as well, but it certainly is effective at cleansing, and gives somewhat of a taut, fresh feeling.

Within that same Too Cool for School egg-themed line, there’s also a sheet mask called Egg Cream Mask Hydration Set ($24), which features mainly egg extract, coconut water, and camu camu (a berry) for both brightening and hydrating effects. The egg extract (with whites and yolk) acts as more of a nourishing, calming effect in the sheet mask.

Wanna exfoliate deeper? Grab Holika Holika (another solid Korean brand) Gudetama Smooth Egg Peeling Gel ($10.99), which not only comes in a cute little egg-shaped container, but also contains egg yolks (specifically from Korea’s Mount Jiri for some reason). It’s highly effective at gently peeling away dead skin cells, along with sebum and blackheads, so much so that one reviewer said it, “takes lots of dead skin off (you can literally see it) and my skin feels so soft after.”

While the jury is still out on the exact effectiveness of egg, the internet is aglow about its cleansing and acne-fighting abilities. What do you think, are you willing to get eggy?

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