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We plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer. Entertaining, relaxing, and certainly imbibing. While we do, we’d like our bar essentials close at hand. Not that you need convincing, we’ve found 24 reasons you absolutely need a bar cart in your life, and out on your patio.

They save space.

If your

outdoor living room

is too small for a coffee table, a three-tiered bar cart can save the day! Take this white beauty for example, without it, this patio would be barren of storage.

They make the perfect party area.

Manage a large backyard party by including an outdoor bar cart with drinks and snacks towards the center of your outdoor space. This will allow your guests to munch and imbibe without walking all the way to your house to grab a drink.

They make the perfect towel holders.

Bar carts are definitely multifunctional. Place yours near the pool and roll a few towels up so you’re always prepared after a quick dip on a summer day. No more forgetting your towel indoors!

They can be the center of any party.

Dress up your barred bar cart with a few flower garlands and bouquets to act as a centerpiece at any party. This particular one would be perfect for a baby shower!

They hold food too, obvs.

Just because it’s called a bar cart doesn’t mean these multifunctional pieces of furniture can’t hold food, too! Place your snacks on top for easy pickings, and place your drinks on the bottom so the moisture falls directly to the ground (as opposed to on top of your snacks!).

They make the perfect picnic stand.

Live on the beach? A bar cart just might be the answer to all your sandy picnic problems.

They look really good on porches.

From reading material to ice cold water, you won’t ever have to go far for anything with a bar cart on your porch!

They can help you grill…

Well, not physically, but they can hold all your grilling essentials in a totally chic and organized way.

They can act as a side table.

Every outdoor living room needs a gorgeous side table. Why not opt for a mobile bar cart? They’re totally adorable, and they’re super easy to move around if you decide to rearrange your furniture midway through summer.

They are totally romantic.

Bar carts add a sense of romance to any outdoor setup. Add a few candles for nighttime ambiance.

They can hold more than liquor.

Thanks to their multitiered build, bar carts can act as shelving for outdoor potted plants. Leave a little room for a pitcher of water to keep the cart completely functional!

They’re mobile.

Thanks to their easy mobility, you can position your bar cart right next to your pool, so you’ll never be more than a few steps away from your summertime cocktails.

They can let you enjoy the view.

Place a bar cart on your patio or terrace so you can always enjoy the view without being too far away from the essentials.

They can act as decoration.

Paint a bar cart pink, place a few petite decorative plants on it and you have yourself the perfect outdoor decoration (that’s also useful!).

They can hold everything you need for snack time.

Rather than take multiple trips from your kitchen to your backyard, you can use this beauty to hold all your snack time essentials — bowls, food, drinks, cups, and napkins.

They make an ideal photo op.

Whether you’re having an impromptu photo opportunity or you’re hosting a backyard wedding, bar carts (if decorated appropriately) can make the ultimate photo prop. Make sure there are a TON of flowers!

They can hold pool essentials.

A bar cart placed near the pool can hold all your pool essentials in one spot — diving sticks, floaties, towels, and sunblock, etc.

They can act as a tea table.

Host a tea party and use your bar cart as a tea table. Drape a lacy white cloth over the top of your bar cart for a whimsical look.

They can hold all your treats!

Hosting a small outdoor wedding? Use a bar cart as the dessert table! It’s unexpected and looks totally adorable.

They are the ultimate lemonade stand.

Transform your ordinary bar cart into an epic outdoor lemonade stand with the help of a few shelves and hooks. This will definitely wow your backyard guests.

They can be easily decorated.

If your bar cart isn’t being used, consider placing a small potted plant and a few books on it to keep it looking fresh.

They can hold brunch necessities.

If you’re hosting a brunch at your place, consider using a bar cart as a way to serve food or even dictate it as the mimosa headquarters for the afternoon.

They make the best place for planters.

Upcycle your old bar cart by turning it into a gorgeous outdoor plant display!

They can take the party outdoors.

Thanks to their mobility, bar carts can easily take the party outside. Impress your friends by opening your terrace doors and having the bar right there waiting for them. They will definitely thank you for the fresh air!