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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling abroad, how often have you tried an unusual food or drink made by one of your favorite brands? We know, we know … global vacations mean shunning Starbucks or drinking Pepsi in favor of local fare, which we get, but you also may have missed out on a Brigadeiro Frappuccino or a Pepsi Baobab.

U.K.-based card-maker Oomph recently created a new infographic that highlights some of the flavors of your favorite foods that are found in various regions of the world. The graphic also introduces us to some quirky concoctions we had no idea existed.”It turns out that it’s not uncommon for some of the world’s biggest food and beverage brands to expand on their staple products and experiment with a variety of product flavours in different countries,” the blog post reads.

“By adapting to a country’s existing tastes, coupled with the recognised brand name, it can be incredibly easy for brands to enter new markets with a quickly popular product.” Since not all of these snacks are available in the States, let this infographic serve as a guide and encouragement to try some tastes outside your usual palate — despite your familiarity with a brand’s offerings back home. After all, the new thing you try today could be your favorite thing tomorrow … and your carry-on can only hold so many Oreos.

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