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Oaxaca City, Mexico Oaxaca’s creative atmosphere has managed to cultivate an array of artistic installations, galleries, and a thriving food scene. Its colorful facades pave an inspired road map to its rich past, emulated by the archeological sites that surround the city. Its indigenous tradition has inspired an impulse in handcrafted designs stemming from woodworks and pottery to folk-inspired art and vibrantly patterned textiles.

Don’t Miss…

Andador de Macedonia Alcala – Peruse the various markets of the city, or explore this iconic and historic street filled with an array of unique shops.

Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca – A guide to Oaxaca’s cultural past.

Ethnobotanical Gardens – A botanical garden that boasts a rather impressive array of cacti and flora local to the area.

Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman – The Temple of Santo Domingo is comprised of a rather extravagant display of classic baroque elements, vast botanical gardens, and gold-plated reliefs.

Panama City, Panama

Panama City stands as a hub between a bustling, metropolitan city and an escape amidst a lush tropical setting. Within the urban capital, a historic neighborhood showcases the city’s colonial past, clad with a vibrant nightlife and burgeoning art scene.

Don’t Miss…

American Trade Hotel – From the Ace Hotel group, comes a beautifully restored establishment in Casco Viejo, which has seamlessly managed to incorporate the old town’s timeless charm.

Karavan Gallery – Go for the hand-stitched textiles, woven home goods and pieces by local artists.

Casco Viejo – A UNESCO World Heritage site featuring the charming old town coupled with the city’s must-see shops and eateries.

Galeria de Arte Indigena – For indigenous handicrafts and authentic goods, this gallery and shop is a must!


This colorful Caribbean island is an undeniable dream. The locale is effortlessly simple yet absolutely captivating in terrain, while a blossoming art scene is redefining the spot’s utter charm.

Don’t Miss…

St. George Island – This quaint town features no shortage of colorful exteriors. Explore the locale’s crystal caves and various beaches.

Bermuda Perfumery – Bottle up your own unique scent at this famed perfumery, known for its exclusive use of the island’s flowers.

Front Street – Situated in the capital town of Hamilton, this iconic street features a series of charming shops and eateries sourced with the island’s freshest catches.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This South American city is nothing short of a cultural hub. Its musical scene is a mainstay of the local culture, impulsing the passionate beat of the city. Buenos Aires’s vibrant nightlife provides even more opportunity to explore the endless sources of inspiration found within the architecture of the capital.

Don’t Miss…

Casa Rosada


Buenos Aires’s iconic “Pink House” stands as the executive mansion for the president, and even manages to house a historic museum.

San Telmo – As one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, head here for the antique shops and charming cafes.

Floreria Atlantico – This beautifully styled spot brings together two of our most favorite things: florals and drinks!

Sao Paulo, Brazil Being the third largest city in the world, Sao Paulo’s art scene rivals that of any other major city. From its vast assortment of museums and galleries, to the graphic art that decks the streets and the ingeniously designed buildings, there are no shortage things to do or see.

Don’t Miss…

Ibirapuera Auditorium – Concieved by Oscar Niemeyer, the famed musical hall boasts an architecturally elevated design that is simply unparalleled.

Beco do Batman – Sao Paulo is notorious for its street art and this neighborhood is where to go to see the best in the city.

The Firma Casa – Don’t miss out on this architectural gem, designed by SuperLimão Studio and the Campana Brothers.