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“As a mom of twin girls, I learned quickly that it’s not just children’s bones that seemingly grow overnight—it’s also their belongings,” says interior stylist Janelle Hughes. Kids’ ability to amass clutter is unmatched, and for parents—both new and existing—it’s easy to get overwhelmed by stuff, plural, that eventually ends up in the back of a closet because it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Navigating the needs of a new human are demanding enough; the gear you invest in should be thoughtfully designed around your world, not the other way around. 

In most homes—especially small spaces—every room belongs to your baby. But it belongs to you, too. Premised on the principles of eat, sleep, and play, Nuna’s three core home products, the Zaaz, Sena Aire, and Leaf Grow, are mindfully crafted to be safe for kids but stylish enough to fit in seamlessly with your existing furniture. Though baby gear typically has a short shelf life, Nuna’s pieces are meant to grow with your family over time, allowing you to take a less-is-more approach and avoid a mélange of unnecessary products. Plus their items look so good you won’t even think twice about styling an entire room around them. Here, three experts who specialize in kids’ spaces share their tips for doing just that.

The Kitchen

“I love incorporating a high chair into the design of a kitchen,” says Joni Lay, a mom of four who builds brilliant spaces for little ones. “It’s used so often that there’s no reason to put it away between meals.” That’s why she gravitates toward options that aren’t just easy to clean and able to adjust to your child’s changing size, but can fit seamlessly into the space and play off existing furniture.

Since the Zaaz is more compact than most high chairs, it can easily be pulled up at the counter alongside barstools or chairs that work well with its clean shape (swivel stools and tall caned backrests are her preference). For smaller dining nooks (like where Lay kept her Zaaz), pair with a classic Tulip table and Breuer armchairs for maximum modernism.

The Nursery

When it comes to curating rooms with growing kids in mind, Hughes turns to Nuna’s smart accessories. “As parents continue to balance working and parenting from home, flexibility and mobility in baby gear is becoming increasingly important,” she says. The Sena Aire portable sleeper flows through work, play, and rest; even better, its sleek design won’t dictate how you build the space it dwells in.

For a nursery that does it all, Hughes suggests splurging on a storage bench to manage clutter. “When daytime naps and nighttime sleep sessions in the Sena Aire require extra coaxing or the comfort of a friendly face, use the ottoman to help shrink to your child’s eye level,” says Hughes, “or to stash goods you need to access quickly and quietly.” She also recommends getting a washable rug (low-pile rugs with short fibers, tight loops, and flush fiber details are ideal) and blackout curtains so the baby can rest well, day and night, on the Sena Aire’s ventilated mattress, which repels heat and humidity.

The Playroom

From the gentle organic insert your newborn will love to the adjustable recline and removable three-point harness that transitions to a toddler seat easily, chances are the Leaf Grow will be in your family for a very long time. So don’t overthink its place.

“My favorite spot for the Leaf Grow is close to the storage,” says New York–based designer Hilary Matt. “In any play space, a functional and nice-looking toy bin is a must. It needs to be easy to access and just as easy for cleanup.”

Incorporate complementary and comfortable accents, like a cushy beanbag and a super-soft rug, to create an environment in which you can play with your little ones as they lounge.