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The beanbag chair trend officially started creeping into the mainstream earlier this year. Now with NEA Studio’s newest launch, it looks like this nostalgic item is going high design. The just-released Beanie Sofa is part luxury couch, part beanbag—and it’s definitely the best of both worlds.

What looks like two massive intertwined pillows is actually a pair of daybeds, each facing the opposite direction. The chubby design is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and fabrics, which is exactly the level of customization one would want from a $15,000 investment piece. But the flexibility of the Beanie isn’t its biggest draw. That would be the fact that this cushy couch is comprised almost entirely of lentils. Yes, the pantry staple.

You’d Never Guess This Sofa Is Full of a $1 Pantry Staple
Beanie Sofa, NEA Studio ($15,187)

“The inspiration came during a trip to Los Angeles, where I was exposed to the healthful benefits of beans,” explains NEA Studio founder Nina Edwards Anker. “Aside from being extremely comfortable, bean-filled seating is also beneficial to your health. It can help improve and maintain good posture, since it allows both the static and phasic muscles to relax.”

Is lentil-filled furniture the ergonomically-friendly-but-still-chic seating we’ve been waiting for?! The perfect middle ground between hard-backed furniture (which offers support) and softer designs (which offers comfort), the Beanie is made to mold to your body. Not only does this add another layer of personalization to the playful piece, but it also helps ease back pain.

So go ahead, splurge on a beanbag sofa. It might be the best thing you can do for your back. Not to mention, it will revolutionize movie nights in.

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