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This Minimalist Online Market Is Reimagining Groceries

Wild Alaskan salmon for $7, coming right up.

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Aged cheddar popcorn, ceremonial-grade matcha, organic avocado oil—all your favorite fancy groceries can run up a pretty substantial receipt. Good thing there’s about to be a better way to indulge your well-trained palate while also shaving a couple of bucks off your bill. Move, a members-only online food market, has already doubled its goal on Kickstarter, and now, there are just two days left to nab a discounted membership for $95 a year (which, yes, covers free shipping nationwide, no matter how many orders you make).

While the groceries’ sleek, minimal packaging falls in line with that of other recently launched home brands (looking at you, Public Goods), appearances aren’t everything. Each one of Move’s offerings has been thoroughly and transparently sourced, so you can get the highest quality products (like Michelin chef-made frozen meals and Alaskan-caught salmon that you can track all the way back to its specific fishery) at 30-percent lower prices than you’d find in a supermarket.

Obviously, with the packaging and shipping, it can’t quite compare to the low-carbon footprint of buying all your food at your local farmers market, but still, Move is making high-quality groceries accessible to food deserts and smaller towns that might not necessarily have fancy supermarkets nearby. By working with suppliers directly, the site will avoid creating food waste (did you know that traditional grocery stores end up throwing out a third of all product?!), in addition to using all sustainable packaging by the end of 2020. Oh, and almost everything you can buy is organic and GMO-free.

Plus, we’ll admit that getting our groceries delivered conveniently straight to our door is the ultimate luxury. Less time schlepping reusable totes full of meal prep ingredients and more time actually in the kitchen? We’ll take it.

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