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Meet Natalie Groves, Minted + domino’s Featured Monthly Artist!


Growing up in the Northwest, Natalie Groves spent her days sketching the world around her. Inspired by gardening with her mom and reading stories with her dad, she developed a love for expressing her creativity emulated by stories filled with beautiful pictures. As a self-taught artist, Groves received on-the-job experience while working as a Chalk Artist for Trader Joe’s, which in turn helped her develop her own style. Five years post her role at Trader Joe’s, love and marriage relocated Groves to a small town in Iowa. There, she began experimenting with watercolors, inspired by the beauty of the surrounding outdoors. Following a short pursuit in the children’s book industry, she took a happy detour into motherhood. Here, Groves touches on her passion for the arts and the things that make a house a home.

  1. WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST INSPIRED? There are two places where I feel the most inspired: in our garden and when I’m sitting next to my husband while he reads to me from our volumes of Scandinavian or English folk tales. The stories vividly unfold in my imagination and I muse at the thought of illustrating them.
  2. WHAT MAKES A HOME BEAUTIFUL? I love the idea of a home nestled within the trees and a garden, with plenty of breathtaking views and lots of natural light. A home is at its best when filled with people! We love to host, whether it be family or friends, and our home tends to shine when accented by an array of personalities.
  1. WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT BEING AN ARTIST? The most satisfying part of what I do is being able to accurately capture the vision of what a client wanted. I enjoy the struggle of getting there through a process of listening closely to their stories and emulating the thoughts and ideas formed along the way.
  2. WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? If the house was on fire, I would grab my husband, our daughter, and the cat.
  1. ON WHAT ITEMS DO YOU SCRIMP? Clothing and shoes.
  2. ON WHAT ITEMS DO YOU SPLURGE? Seeds, bulbs, tubers, plants, flowers, and trees!
  1. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION? I consider myself well-traveled and yet, my favorite travel destination would have to be Yellowstone National Park. The vast display of land formations is breathtaking. I have never seen anything like the Grand Prismatic Spring. From the camping and swimming in the lakes to the waterfalls and the animals, it’s just all kinds of wonderful.