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by Cora L Diekman

Acrylic is dominating the decor scene, and it’s so easy to see why. Because it’s neutral in color while being heavy on style, lucite breathes life into any space — including the most traditional of designs. And much like lacquer, acrylic has graduated beyond furniture to include some pretty amazing (and unexpected) decor elements, large and small alike. Keep reading to see why we’re mad for lucite in 2016.

This full-sized acrylic kitchen island is unexpected and lush in a space that seems to get everything — from wallpaper to drawer pulls — exactly right.

PS-This kitchen belongs to one of our Austin faves, Katie Kim, and her large bar cart/kitchen island is available here!

Clear lucite furniture pieces perform their duty without adding visual clutter to a design. This simple yet glamorous console table holds entryway essentials without obstructing the view in any way.

When a little lucite is all you crave, consider a bar cart – crystal clear, stylish, and small in stature — perfect for sampling the lucite trend. Or, if you prefer something smaller still, try an accent piece, such as an acrylic serving tray or even an ice bucket.

Traditional designs often feel heavy with wood and heavy metals. A light and bright lucite accent chair instantly lightens the mood.

Acrylic furniture can now be found to suit every room of the house, even the nursery. This lucite crib no doubt makes bedtime a fun affair in this stylish home.

Clear coffee tables suit any design, but are especially useful in a small spaces where they seem to disappear into the space – all of the utility, twice the glam, and none of the clutter.

Not only is lucite dominating the furniture scene, but it can now also be spotted in the most unexpected of places, like this chic pair of acrylic pendant lights — cleverly combining a traditional lantern-inspired shape with modern materials and design.

In spaces with an abundance of windows, create ample storage without obstructing any of the natural light, keeping the feel light, bright, AND well organized.

The mood of this dramatically dark office is lightened by the cheeky addition of a clear lucite desk. This piece is especially versatile and would perform equally as a modern dining table.

Or, reverse the look with a traditional wood dining table surrounded by modern lucite chairs, as in this craveable chic-meets-rustic dining space.