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Ikea is having a busy couple of months: in addition to a new technology that allows its smart lighting products to sync to your home assistants launching later this summer, the home goods company just announced two new collections, one of which will be hitting stores next month.

Stunsig, a limited edition collection encompassing everything from tableware to bags to decorative boxes, will be available in U.S. stores this summer. In creating the collection, Ikea partnered with six artists and design teams from around the world with close ties to the fashion industry to develop a line meant for “the ones that want to stand out from the crowd.”

Featuring a wide range prints in a bold motif, Stunsig is fun and edgy; ideal for those who want their homes to tell a visual story through the decor. The prints include fashion photography and digital couture, but also involve a number of more playful designs like cartoons and collages.

“With Stunsig we wanted to present new artistic prints that are more unique, more fun and more daring! And apply them to selected Ikea products, turning them upside down and make them extraordinary,” says Henrik Most, the creative leader of the project.

Ikea tapped Frédérique Vernillet, Malcolm Stuart, Pınar Demirdağ and Viola Renate of Pinar & Viola, Steven Harrington, Malin Grundström and Anne Gustavsson of Team Hawaii, and Tilde Bay, each bringing a distinct design perspective to the collection. Some of the prints are more whimsical while others are meant to stimulate one’s imagination and emotions, thereby creating an extremely diverse line whose pieces can stand alone but can also be thrown together for an eclectic mix of designs.


“1+1=3. All prints have a strong visual story on their own. The moment you mix various prints, the scenery expands and creates new, unique and unexpected magical stories,” says Tilde Bay.

“Our hope is that the motifs will inspire and stimulate people’s imaginations. They’re reflections of the world around us and express utopian, generous messages in order to spread goodness in the world,” adds the duo behind Pinar & Viola.

Ikea is also partnering with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek for a separate collection, launching next year. The Industriell line is a reflection of Eek’s signature craftsmanship, which uses innovative techniques to create contemporary pieces.

Industriell will be a sustainable furniture and home furnishings collection that celebrates individuality and intentional imperfections. The technology-focused range will utilize a variety of materials like wood, metal, glass, linen, and ceramic. The “intentional differences” that are the focal point of Industriell will be added through variations in the designs, patterns, and colors of each piece.

With individuality at the center of both of IKEA’s upcoming collections, there will be plenty of opportunity to find the right designs for you. The Stunsig line will officially be available starting this June, while the Industriell collection launches in spring 2018.

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