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Once considered the formal entertaining zone (also known as: no kids allowed), the living room has emerged as the common area for family and friends to gather. We’d say it’s a pretty important place. Make it over with the attention it deserves. Steal some of these decorating tricks.


This space is big (lucky ducks!), which can also mean even more decisions to make. While we love decorating with white, too much can lead to a space with little or no character. Time to lose the slipcovers and put your stylish ideas to work.


setup. Good rule of thumb: Arrange furniture according to how you live. This homeowner had young kids, so a soft ottoman stepped in as the right coffee table.


Bookcases are great spots for keeping things out of the way and on display.


Stretched fabric is an easy and effortless way to add a creative touch above the mantel.


Like many small-space dwellers, the challenge is injecting your own personal style into cramped quarters. And it’s no secret that storage is a bonus.


space intervention. By forcing pieces (desk and sofa) to share a space, it also makes you think about the room as one big beautiful picture. Stools and ottomans step in as spare surfaces and extra seating when friends come over.


A tried-and-true trick for small spaces: never neglect those windows. Hang drapes as close to the ceiling as possible to give the illusion of a larger room.


Despite what you’ve heard, you don’t need to stick to white. Your space needs to reflect who you are. If pale shades of pink speak to your decorating spirit, then break out the magenta paint.


Clutter, oh my. Have some faith. Sometimes a lack of direction (or no direction at all) can be a great place to start.


seek balance. Big. Breezy. Breathtaking. A coffee table is the perfect piece to step in between two sofas. Talk about a reliable sidekick.

carve out zones.

This room was broken into different areas to cater to a family’s needs: plenty of seating for entertaining; kitchen table in the corner for casual breakfast and a book; a swing in the corner for reading and hanging.


Dark, dreary, and covered in piles of boxes. Overwhelmed? Likely story.


color. The top priority was brightening up the space.

white paint

to the rescue, which gives the room a cohesive and airy vibe.


The mantel is a great place for putting personal treasures on display. Small decorative accessories work well in clusters. Photos and artwork don’t always need to be hung on the walls. Try leaning them for an easy and effortless vibe.


We feel terrible for this space: no warmth, little color, lack of style direction. Pretty lonely.


walls. If you like white on the walls, stick with it (and add a fresh coat of paint!). A mirror adds an element of shine and much-needed dimension to a space.


Rather than playing it safe with neutral-toned pillows (yawn), a few pops of color were added on the couch and side chair.


If you’re a minimalist, embrace it. Open up the mantel by letting that interesting gray slate stand alone. A mantel can be a living room’s greatest asset.


This space is calling for an intervention. Too many colors and way too many disruptions. While it’s hard to share a space with the kids, it isn’t impossible. See for yourself.


create zones. Creating areas, even if they are tiny, will help define a space and keep things well-styled.

focus on accents.

Choose pieces with grand impact, like this light fixture, to command attention. A few big, key pieces can steal the show.


Neutrals work. Sometimes we just want some color. Change. Is. Good. (Repeat after us.)


focal point. Change things up and make the window, which brings in so much light, the focal point.

sitting area.

Create a little area that can accommodate a nice group and that lends itself to a fun decorating scheme. The power players–sofa, arm chairs, coffee table, and side tables–are all accounted for in this room.


Punch it up. Keep the sofa a neutral gray, and then work in pops of red and yellow.