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“It’s not a ‘start over’—it’s a ‘let’s keep going,’” says interior designer Leanne Ford of her just-launched Crate & Barrel collection. The line, spanning furniture to tabletop to tree ornaments, is an evolution of her first collection with the big-box retailer, which was released in the spring of 2020. In collaboration with the company’s vice president of product design, Sebastian Brauer, Ford reimagined some of the best-selling pieces from that very first drop, including the cane Fields chair, for this fall in new bleached-wood tones and cozy linen upholstery. “Before, we went for this wanderlust, sun-faded, desert vibe that was so appropriate for the season. We wanted to take what was working and extend it,” explains Brauer. Ford even made a bed that’s a spin-off of her popular Ever sofa. “That sofa had quite the waiting list. I was even waiting for my turn to get it!” she says with a laugh. 

But not all of the fresh lineup is a re-creation of the past. Ford also pulled inspiration from her new life in the country (at the beginning of the pandemic, she and her family moved from Los Angeles to her home state of Pennsylvania). “We’re diving into the simpler life with a lot of these pieces,” she explains. Ahead, catch four highlights from the new collection.

The Slouchy Sofa

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

The overstuffed Ever sofa is Ford’s take on European-style seating. “It can be as huge or small as you want,” she says of the fluffy armrest cushions that are removable. “It’s the kind of piece that’s hard to come by in America.” According to Brauer, it took next-level engineering and many layers of foam, trillium, and down to get that wonderful cloudlike quality. 

The Slipcovered Bed

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Quarantine sparked a renewed focus on the bedroom—suddenly we were taking our Zoom calls from under our duvet and occasionally bringing our breakfast in there, too. So Ford decided to meet us halfway with a chic, slipcovered bed frame—and, yes, it’s white! “People are very nervous about white fabric, but it is often the easiest material to clean,” notes Ford. The extra-large headboard can double as a room divider in a spacious bedroom or loft apartment. (You can put a console table or even a dresser along the back side.) “With a stand-alone piece, we can really rethink the bedroom,” says the designer. 

The Rustic Dining Table

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Ford’s farmhouse-style dining table is her ode to settling down in the country. Her tip: Surround the staple piece with different wood tones. “They don’t all have to be the same,” she suggests. Consider pairing the natural blond surface with charcoal-toned Fields chairs. 

The Holiday Disco Party

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

While Ford is known for her white button-downs and tailored black trousers, she will wear a sequined jumpsuit any day of the week. “I love metallics,” she says. It only made sense to make her holiday decor assortment disco-glam themed. “Have you ever been somewhere with a disco ball and not had a good time?” she says, laughing. “This holiday is about joy and happiness.” We’re all overdue for a bit of fun.