Published on December 3, 2019

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Courtesy of Formica Corporation

So you want to renovate your bathroom. Might we suggest a route that doesn’t require a sledgehammer or a legion of paint cans? Leanne Ford has the right idea; the designer recently shared her revamp of a drab tub on Instagram, and all it took was some tile. 

“This tile idea can translate to any style and any home,” Ford tells us of the project (which was featured in an episode of her HGTV show, Restored by the Fords). “Penny tile is an inexpensive option that comes in every color under the sun—ain’t no budget gonna stand in the way of extra style points.”  

black and white bathroom with tubPin It
Photography by Alexandra Ribar for Leanne Ford

A built-in tub admittedly isn’t the prettiest, but in a children’s bathroom like this one, it’s a must. Ford gave it some love by arranging black and white penny tiles so the darker shade cascades down one side of the tub onto the floor, with a diagonal right edge to seamlessly match up with the lighter version. She’s also done something similar in a thicker French stripe pattern; the beauty of this DIY is how versatile it is. Just think of the possibilities: Try an abstract motif or go bolder with tiles in vibrant hues.

If you can’t retile the whole room, this upgrade is your next best method for making a splash. All you need are rounded or hexagonal tiles (something easy to cut and shape) and you’re good to go. Who needs an elaborate paint job anyway? 

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