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Kourtney Kardashian recently invited Architectural Digest over to talk shop. Specifically, she and her interior designer listed off 87 items from around the home that the elder Kardashian sister considers her faves. And while we appreciate the design, we can’t really get behind the budget. If you’re inspired by Kourtney’s space but know a smart, affordable purchase when you see one, shop our take on Kourtney’s favorite things in the slides that follow!

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A bit of green in the entryway, housed in a silver vase.

A beautiful round entryway table.

A statement chandelier for the entryway.

A set of stools surround the table.

Yep. It’s a skull collection.

An espresso maker. Of course.

Fresh produce on display in porcelain.

Chic salt storage.

A spice selection.

Black and white art on display in the kitchen.

A statement bowl for fresh produce.

Cutting boards close at hand.

Beautiful glass pendant lights

The kitchen stool goes stylish.

A welcoming kitchen table (with a view)!

Treat station!

A white chaise for lounging.

Faux fur pillow–love.

A pair of cozy chairs for relaxing.

Chic lighting up above.

A well styled side table is a must.

Gotta have a little green.

A vintage glass candy box.

Pink roses.

Coffee table books. Of course.

A gorgeously glowing wall sconce.

Black and white artwork.