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6 Things the Chicest French Chef Has in Her Kitchen

A new Zara Home editorial sheds some light.

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There are lots of clichés surrounding French style. Of course, most of them turn out to be false, so when we come across a few IRL it’s a true delight. For example, a basket in the corner of the kitchen whose sole purpose appears to be holding baguettes. We spotted this very thing in chef Mimi Thorisson‘s space—as revealed by a new Zara Home editorial snapped in Thorisson’s rustic country–perfection home. 

Thorisson’s house is nestled in the rural town of Médoc, and her kitchen has all the trappings of a charming villa: walls heavy on the patina, retro checkerboard floors, antique wood furniture, and tons of fresh-looking produce on display (presumably plucked from the chef’s garden, of course). You can almost smell the cherry clafoutis

Unfortunately, not all of our kitchens can look like Thorisson’s—but our kitchen supplies sure can. From the inexpensive Zara Home items she keeps on hand to the vintage scores we found dupes for, here are the essentials you need to reach peak French style:

A Sturdy Range

Bertazzoni’s Heritage Series brings traditional European craftsmanship home—and will last you for many years (and roast chickens) to come. 

A Canvas Apron

Not chic: spilling red wine reduction on your crisp, white button-down. Chic: donning this simple striped number while you effortlessly whip up dinner.

A Storage Bin

For housing the day’s baguettes or farmers’ market spoils. 

Copper Cookware

These vintage-looking pots double as statement pieces for your walls when hung up. 

A Set of Knives

Pick one versatile, durable set—we love the streamlined white handles on these—to take you from breakfast to dinner. 

A Farmhouse Table

Equal parts prep station and dining surface, this classic acacia wood piece will be the center of all the action.

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