The Ultimate Gourmet Gifting Guide

Here’s how to put together the perfect gift set for every type of foodie in your life.

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We all know that person who dreams of a chef’s kitchen with gleaming, high-end appliances. And there’s nothing he or she would love more this time of year than a gift that brings that dream one step closer to reality.

That’s where Wolf Gourmet appliances and cookware come in. They’re every bit as aspirational as they are attainable, and we’re turning them into well thought out gifts for every type of cook in your life.


This is the ideal gift for your juice-loving friend who considers detoxing a way of life—and not just a post-New Year’s resolution (like the rest of us). Gift your loved one this high-end blender, and they’ll never have to buy a smoothie (or soup, or nut butter, or green juice) again. Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender, $599.99

A weekly supply of fresh, local and in-season fruits and veggies—without having to brave the winter chill—is like two gifts for the price of one. Farmbox Direct Organic and Natural Produce Delivery, prices vary

What better way to enjoy your fruit smoothie, than in this adorable 16oz pinneapple tumbler and straw? This chic vessel is the cutest way to enjoy some freshly blended berries. Brass Pineapple Tumbler, $98.99

The book offers “feel-good food for happy and healthy eating” and lives up to the promise, with mouth-watering recipes for dishes like Buckwheat Noodle Salad and Raw Tahini Caramel Squares. The Detox Kitchen, $12.99


A secret weapon for the would-be Julia Child who’s primed to become a star in the kitchen. Include a handwritten note with your gift that says, “No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” -Julia Child

This stainless steel appliance brings Wolf performance and quality to the countertop. With the touch of a button, it can bake, broil, roast, and more—with minimal clean-up required. Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven, $549.95

This book’s “inspired-yet-approachable” guide to eating, drinking, and entertaining is a must-have for any up-and-coming cook. Be sure to flag the recipe for diver scallops with charred sweet corn, bacon, and scallions … and then ask to be invited over for dinner. Host: A Modern Guide to Eating, Drinking and Feeding Your Friends, $35

Nothing inspires an ambitious home chef more than a new set of spices. This compact stainless steel rack comes with 40 refillable test tubes in flavors that range from entry-level to exotic. Spice Tube Rack, $175

An elegant platter guarantees that every main course will look as appealing as it tastes. Michael Aram Molten Oval Platter, $260


Even aspiring chefs need to upgrade their tools every once in a while. These ten pieces of beautiful gourmet cookware make the perfect gift for passionate home cooks. This killer set comes with all of the essentials, including saucepans, skillets and stockpots in a range of sizes. Wolf Gourmet 10 Piece Cookware Set, $999.95

Have you ever seen a more adorable bottle of olive oil? Didn’t think so. The EVOO itself—which works for dressings, cooking and dipping—also happens to be incredibly delicious. Frantoio Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $39.95

Kitchen tablet stands are the recipe boxes of the digital era, and every modern chef should have one on the counter as they cook. Prepara Tablet Stand, $23


From brunches with the besties to family breakfasts, these chic appliances seem tailor-made for the hostess with the mostest.

With room for four pieces of bread, extra wide slots, and a “keep warm” setting, this high-tech appliance will get you through thick and thin, any way you slice it. Wolf Gourmet Four Slice Toaster, $399.95

There is nothing more thoughtful than a homemade gift. What could be better than freshly made bread baked with love? Make a few loaves and wrap them up in festive ribbon, for the personal touch this gifting season.

Does brunch taste better, when its delivered on an darling wooden tray, or is it just us? These classic wooden trays are simple and elegant and the perfect backdrop for your loved one’s Instagram worthy spread. Spanish Olive Tray, $61.99

Fact: mimosas taste better in gold-rimmed champagne glasses. Vietri Optical Gold Champagne Glass, $24.99