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We first met Kate Worum while on a tour of Target’s headquarters in Minneapolis. She was hunched over a table clad with rolls of paper and paint, working on a series of illustrations depicting a dreamy winter cityscape for Opalhouse’s 2019 Holiday line. As Target’s in-house print and pattern designer, Worum’s whimsical creations can be found in a variety of the mass retailer’s home collections, each bearing her trademark flair.

When she’s not working on her Target line, Worum’s off hours are reserved for a personal venture that puts her talents into (literally) grander scale. In 2015, Worum and her friend, interior architect Jennifer Jorgensen, launched She She, a line focused on custom, hand-painted wallpaper, art installations, and furnishings. Taking their creativity further into the world of interiors, the duo drummed up a seriously inspired collection that boasts no shortage of spirited color and charm.

Photography by Colleen Eversman

Worum and Jorgensen attribute spontaneous adventures as the core source of inspiration for their creations. One peek at their vibrant designs and you’ll instantly pick up on the thematic foundation of the brand. A dramatic pairing of high-contrast hues is what will initially capture the eye, closely followed by the intricacies of the illustrations that warrant a detailed inspection of their own right.

“When we are creating for ourselves, we pull all our inspiration from our own experiences like recent travels and lie experiences—all our patterns end up having something to do with what is going on in our lives in the present moment,” says Worum.

She She’s core array of illustrations could not be more different from one another, and yet each one alludes to an element of cohesiveness channeled by the duo’s distinctive style. Be it composed of a singular motif, such as the Calla Lily, or an intricately detailed one, such as the Paco Y Maria, which takes on monochromatism with effortless flair, the designs are an ode to the extraordinary

Read on for our top five favorite patterns from She She.

Photography by Colleen Eversman

Dried Flora

Naturally, the duo never falls short when it comes to reinventing classic motifs with a nontraditional lens—this high-contrast floral wallpaper is proof. Paired against a walnut wood banquette set, the finish is effortless elegance at its finest.

Photography by Colleen Eversman

Paco Y Maria

Blues rule in this awe-inspiring motif, which portrays a whimsical woodland scene filtered with tropical accents and animated florals. Its monochrome finish is elevated by the tonal variations of the captivating hue with filtered hints of blush.

Photography by Judith Marilyn


Presented in two contrasting colorways, Freebirds is an ode to elegant feathered creatures set against a backdrop where an inspired combination of warm and cool tones tell an alluring color story we can’t keep our eyes away from.

Photography by Colleen Eversman

Calla Lily

While we definitely find ourselves partial to the terra-cotta hue of the original pattern, the black-and-white rendition of the print depicted in this stunning bedroom makes a compelling case for monochrome living.  

Photography by Colleen Eversman

’Sota Pop

The duo’s take on a golf-inspired motif is one we can definitely get behind on. Their out-of-the-box style is materialized in the form of a monochromatic mint green palette with subtle pops of color and whimsical nods to their affinity for florals.

Photography by Colleen Eversman

As for the duo’s favorite print? It’s all about the one that started it all: On a Pony She Named Wildfire. “Every time we look at that pattern, we’re transported back to the moments we spent together ‘up North,’ and we were so raw and fearless and in a state of ‘ye’ while we were installing it,” recalls Jorgensen. “The pattern contains so much heart outside of the pattern itself for us.”