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Jasmine Tookes’s home is an accident-prone klutz’s worst nightmare, and we’re obsessed. Almost every square inch of the 2,599-square-foot home is cloaked in soft neutrals. Because when you’re a supermodel whose job entails constant travel to every end of the earth, you need your home to be a calming oasis.

“When I purchased the home, I didn’t want to live in it until it was designed in my style,” says Tookes. “I didn’t move in until it was perfect and complete!”

To achieve that goal, she worked in tandem with Design Works’ Robin Strickler. Transforming the four-bedroom Brentwood home was no small feat: The team gutted the bathroom, added new wallpaper, lighting, and window treatments, and even redid the fireplace in the living room. It helped that Strickler had a clear place to begin: the open-floor-plan living area.

“It was our starting point since the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all close together in one open space,” says Strickler.  “Our goal (and biggest challenge) was to create a cohesive style—so that all the areas meshed together and had a nice flow—but separation—between the spaces.”

For Strickler, the key to creating a space that feels light and open has more to do with smaller choices, like color palette and materials, and less with the actual layout of the home—good news for those of us in smaller, cramped spaces worried about being relegated to a life in the dark. Opt for materials like light woods or Calacatta marble, and stick to a lighter color scheme of blues, grays, and touches of blush to craft an airy environment. Layered textures, like woven rugs or leather accents, further help keep a neutral space from being “a full whiteout.”

That said, Tookes’s neutral-filled abode is anything but one note. It includes a surprising twist in the form of a dark, moody office space complete with cool, graphic wallpaper and sleek brass accents. We’re taking it as proof that you don’t have to wholeheartedly commit to one style—sometimes it pays off big time to mix it up.

Keep reading to see how Tookes designed her dream home.

What did your wish list look like?

I wanted my home to feel cozy, warm, and have mostly earth tones and a lot of textures.

Where did you look for inspiration? 

I’ve always been inspired by traditional Hamptons-style homes. I actually used to own a house in East Hampton, so I was really happy that I could find a home in Los Angeles with the same vibe. I also really love the look of farmhouse homes and wanted to try to incorporate traditional with a little bit of farmhouse for the interior.  

How did you choose the graphic floor tiling in the bathroom?

Once Robin put it on the table during our meeting, I knew immediately that it was the one. I love patterns and shapes—and I think it brings something unique and different to the bathroom.

Compared to the rest of the space, the office is so different; what inspired that shift?

This room is actually one of my favorite rooms in the house. I was inspired by a photo that I saw online of a dark office, and ever since I saw that photo, I knew that I wanted to have a similar space. I think it represents a part of me as well: I’m always very chill and happy, which reminds me of the rest of my home, but then I have a side to me that’s funky and fun, which reminds me of the office.

Besides the office, what’s your favorite room?

Easy. My bedroom. First off, blush is my all-time favorite color, and Robin totally gave me my blush dreams. I love it! Every morning, I wake up so happy to be in that room.

Is the home indicative of your personal style?

I would describe the finished style as sophisticated, clean, cozy, and 100 percent me. It’s funny because the first time my boyfriend saw the house, his immediate reaction was, “I feel like I’m living inside your brain because it’s so you.” And I loved that! I’m so appreciative of Design Works for making my design dreams come true.

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