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We’re all about updating our home decor for the new seasons, but large-scale makeovers are both a) expensive and b) a time-consuming pain we would like to avoid if possible. Enter wallpaper—possibly the easiest and most effective way to make a big difference without a ton of effort.

And speaking of changing seasons, there’s a recently-launched wallpaper line you need to put on your radar. Jacquelyn Moore-Hill—interior designer and founder of Brooklyn-based wallpaper and print design studio JQLYN & Co.—just came out with her inaugural wallpaper collection, and it’s absolutely stunning.

The Five Kingdoms line includes eight different patterns that fall into five subcategories modeled after the Five Kingdoms of Life: Animalia (animals), Fungi (mushrooms), Plantae (plants), Protista (single-celled organisms), and Monera (bacteria). The collection is colorful, eclectic, and perfect for any number of design styles. The plethora of colorways available for each print offer endless opportunities for customization.

According to Moore-Hill, the inspiration behind the entire collection was rooted in a desire to bring natural elements indoors.

“Living in the concrete jungle of NYC, I often yearn for the simplicity of Vermont where I went to college, and many of these prints allow me to visually meditate in the soothing quality of nature,” says Moore-Hill.

One look at the collection, and it’s obvious this dream became a reality. Inspired by the natural elements of the earth, modern design, Aboriginal Pointillist art, and indigenous cultures in general, Moore-Hill set about creating wallpapers that introduce the living components of earth—such as animals, plants, and yes, even bacteria—into people’s homes. Each pattern was born from both original sketches and commissions from a collective of global artists to bring a diverse viewpoint to the line.

From an abstract print that illustrates the classes of the animal kingdom (Goboleaux) to multicolored blobs set against a neutral backdrop that represent microorganisms (Elixir), there’s a wallpaper for everyone—though for Moore-Hill, the leafy Grace print is a personal favorite. “It has a murky, dark quality that I could look at all day,” she says. “The movement of the print soothes me. It naturally makes me feel like I’m underwater, which always has a calming effect on me.”

Each piece is available in non-woven, textured vinyl, and grasscloth styles, and interested parties can even order totally personalized pieces, like made-to-order murals and custom-colored prints. Want to add some earthy vibes to your home for fall? Head to the website to view the full collection and place your order.

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